Roepman gets US release

2011-09-13 12:02
Cape Town - A historical contract has been signed between the producers of Afrikaans film Roepman and American production and distribution company, D Street Media Group.  In terms of the contract, Roepman will be released in all media across North America.

Sallas de Jager and Danie Bester, producers of Roepman, said in a statement that they are very excited by the opportunity to show the world that Afrikaans stories told by South African filmmakers can stand its ground in the most important and competitive film market in the world.  

They also said that they hope this will only be the beginning of a long tradition of South African films travelling on a regular basis to the USA. "We have to start believing in ourselves, our stories and truly believe in the universal appeal of the stories we tell," de Jager said.


Dexter Davis, CEO of D Street, said: "The acquisition of Roepman continues D Street Media Group's commitment to bringing the best and most thought-provoking international films to North America.

"We cannot properly convey the excitement we have with the introduction of the first South African film in the Afrikaans language to the US audience."

Davis went on to say, "The producers are smart, aggressive filmmakers who understand the international market place, D Street is looking forward to a long and productive relationship."

Piet de Jager, CEO of Bosbok Ses Films (BSF) and executive producer of Roepman is extremely excited about the deal and said: "From the beginning we set out to produce a world class film and everyone who worked on Roepman bought into this mindset. Because of this, the dream of releasing an Afrikaans film in the USA became a reality."

A first

Davis also offered BSF a "First-look deal" for their next three films.

This is also a first for a South African company. BSF also confirmed via de Jager that they’re currently negotiating possible co-productions in the future with D Street.

Roepman tells the story of the loss of innocence of a young boy called Timus set in 1966 and the film’s US release is planned for early 2012.

The film is South Africa's fourth highest grossing Afrikaans feature to date.


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  • Strudle - 2011-09-13 12:47

    A pity about sub titles for the Americans - not that it can be helped I suppose. So much of the acting is lost when concentrating on the sub titles.

  • Vihaan Jansen van Veuren - 2011-09-13 14:00

    Fantasties! Roepman verdien 'n Oscar!

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