Russell Crowe gets lost kayaking

2012-09-03 10:05
New York - The US Coast Guard has said Oscar winner Russell Crowe lost his way kayaking off New York's Long Island but was picked up by a Coast Guard boat and safely taken to shore.

The 48-year-old actor was kayaking with a friend on Saturday.

They launched the kayak from Cold Spring Harbour on the Long Island Sound but lost their way as the sun went down.

The Coast Guard said Crowe and his friend apparently made their way to Huntington Bay beach and called out to a boat on patrol.

Petty Officer Robert Swieciki said the two paddled over to the boat, got on board and rode back to Huntington Harbor.

Crowe is on Long Island filming a new movie called Noah in Oyster Bay. He sent a Twitter message thanking the officers.


  • michael.barns.1 - 2012-09-03 13:38

    thats impossible... he's Captain "Lucky Jack" Aubrey of HMS Surprise! The hell he got lost! hahaha

  • malette.snyman - 2012-09-04 13:24

    That would never have happened to the real Noah... :-P

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