Sacha Baron Cohen Oscar stunt banned

2012-02-23 19:02
Los Angeles - Sacha Baron Cohen might be banned from walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

The British comedian is believed to have planned to attend the glittering ceremony as General Aladeen - his character from forthcoming movie The Dictator - but studio bosses frown on stunts in front of the world's media and are considering reversing his invite, which he gained for his part in Martin Scorsese's Hugo.


The Academy is believed to have got in touch with Sacha's representatives to confirm whether or not he is planning to do the stunt, according to The Wrap.

Sacha has a history of using his characters to create controversy - his alter-ego Bruno from the movie of the same name became well known for antics including storming the stage during a fashion show and landing on Eminem in a white jock strap during the 2009 MTV Movie Awards.

In 2000, his first major character Ali G offered British MP Neil Hamilton a cigarette allegedly containing cannabis, which he accepted and smoked.

The Dictator - which also stars Megan Fox and Anna Faris - is due for release in May.


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