Sacha Baron Cohen signs movie deal

2012-03-02 14:07
Los Angeles - Sacha Baron Cohen has signed a first-look deal with Paramount Pictures.

The British comedy star - who shocked worldwide audiences at the Academy Awards when he dressed as General Alladeen from his new movie The Dictator and spilt the "ashes" of Kim Jong-Il over Ryan Seacrest - has committed to a three-year deal with the studio, which will also work with him to nurture new talent in the UK.

'Rare global comedy star'

Brad Grey, chairman of Paramount Pictures, said: "Sacha is a comic genius. A wildly talented writer, actor and filmmaker. Beyond that he is a rare global comedy star. On behalf of all of us at Paramount, we welcome Sacha and look forward to The Dictator and many more great pictures for some years to come."

The Dictator
is a comedic look at a Middle Eastern autocrat who is desperately trying to stop democracy coming to his country.

Alongside Sacha as the lead role, Sir Ben Kingsley and Anna Faris also star, with Megan Fox making a cameo as herself.

The movie is set to be released in the US on May 11 and a week later in South Africa.

Watch The Dictator trailer here: