Spielberg defends graphic lesbian sex

2013-05-27 08:45

Cannes - US filmmaker Steven Spielberg defended the graphic sex scenes in Blue is the Warmest Colour, a French story of lesbian love and self-discovery, which won the Cannes Film Festival's top prize, the Palme d'Or on Sunday.

"For me, the film is a great love story and the fact that it's a great love story made all of us feel like we were privileged, not embarrassed, to be flies on the wall," Spielberg, who headed the jury, told reporters after the awards ceremony.

He was answering a question about whether Abdellatif Kechiche's film, which contains a torrid six-minute sex scene, would pass censors in the United States.

"We're just happy someone had the courage to tell the story the way he told it," Spielberg said, adding he was convinced the film would be a success in the US.


  • Sikhumbuzo Mngomezulu - 2013-05-27 08:54

    Hope this movie reaches our shores,H.L.A!!!

  • Georg Laing - 2013-05-27 14:00

    The film shows explicit sex between a 15 year old girl and an older woman. In France the age of consent is 15, but in South Africa (and the US) that would be considered statutory rape. The double standards of the left are sickening.

      James Blacksmith - 2013-05-27 14:37

      Kidman was one of the judges. She got a great deal of criticism for 'Birth' 2004, which received booing at the Venice film festival for a scene where she shares a bath with a 10 year old boy. I don't think it will bother her.

  • Luanda Gqirana - 2013-05-27 21:54

    And if it were two guys?

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