Steven Seagal to return to directing

2012-11-07 19:55
Los Angeles - Steven Seagal would love to get back into directing.

The actor hasn't helmed a project since 1997's Fire Down Below but he insists he hasn't lost interest and is just waiting for the right film to come along.

He said: "No, I haven't been directing, and what would it take? If I had a great story and an offer to direct it, I would direct it."

Steven is currently starring in action movie Maximum Conviction alongside Steve Austin and says he agreed to do because he knew they would work well together.

Speaking of the reason he signed up for the movie, he told website CraveOnline: "Well, somebody said just take a look at this script, and this story, and I liked it. They said Steve [Austin] wants to do it, and I met him and liked him, and thought that we could be a good kind of team together.

"That's sort of how it turned out. We had good chemistry together, and I thought it worked out great."