Steven Spielberg wants Jurassic Park 3D

2011-12-15 16:01

Los Angeles - Steven Spielberg wants to convert Jurassic Park into 3D.

The acclaimed director admits he is a huge fan of the technique in movies - following on from the work of his friend James Cameron on Avatar, which became the biggest film of all time after its release - and he would love to turn his dinosaur classic into a 3D venture.

He told MTV News: "I've always said Jurassic Park, the first one, would be really good post-converted in 3D.

The Adventures of TinTin

"I think James Cameron has done the greatest 3D in history with Avatar. I figure James is going to teach all of us a lesson.

"If we follow his precepts, more films will be post-converted, but the only movie I'm interested in post-converting is the first Jurassic."

Steven - who is currently promoting War Horse with Tom Hiddleston - has previously worked on 3D project The Adventures of TinTin, based on the Belgian cartoon of the same name.