Tom Cruise offers private jet to worker

2012-06-19 22:18
Los Angeles - Tom Cruise offered a private jet to a worker who was injured on the set of his latest film.

The actor was shooting new movie Oblivion last month when British crew worker, known only as David, was crushed by a 320kg weight.

David was left unconscious and initially believed to be paralysed, so caring Tom alerted his private pilot who primed the star's jet to transport David to a specialist spinal injury clinic.

'Tom stayed cool'

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Tom stayed cool and swept straight into action. He didn't take a back seat at all and made sure his Gulfstream V jet was ready to go in case it was needed.

"It was quick thinking. David could have suffered permanent spinal injury, so it might have been vital he was flown to hospital."

Tom, 49, later visited David at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where he remained in intensive care for four days.

The source added: "Tom was great. He gave so much support to David and his family. It was a terrible accident but Tom had no obligation to put himself out like that.

"It really meant a lot to the rest of the people on the set."

David is now undergoing intensive physiotherapy, though it is unclear whether he has been discharged from the movie, which also stars Morgan Freeman and Andrea Riseborough.


  • pagel.trivia - 2012-06-19 23:02

    My opinion of Tom Cruise has just risen a few notches. Well done! Good luck to David - hope you make a full recovery.

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