We had a quickie with the on-screen love birds of local rom-com, Tell Me Sweet Something

2015-09-04 06:00

Cape Town - In the film Nomzamo Mbatha plays a writer with 'lovers block' and Maps Maponyane plays a handsome playboy model hoping to win her heart.

The two star as unlikely lovers in the romantic comedy, Tell Me Sweet Something, and Channel24 had the pleasure of interviewing the charming and beautiful Maps and Nomzamo in a seriously candid and fun interview, which (side note made us cringe with envy that these two aren't dating in real life, or are they)...

Our boo, Maps was first on the chopping board:

C24: Maps this is not only your first major movie role but your first movie all together, how did you choose this part and how does it feel to call yourself an actor?

Maps: Firstly, working with Akin Omotoso was definitely the major pull. He's a director I've always wanted to work with because I've always been a fan of everything he does, so getting this opportunity was the first major tick in the box. Secondly, doing a romantic love story with a different narrative to any other South African typical story, especially involving people of colour. So to be able to do something where it's not about crime or poverty and that's really positive was all that drew me in.

C24: So your character Nat is a model and is all about "the looks" and no one really takes him seriously, is that something you can relate to?

Maps: It's something I can definitely relate to. Starting out I did do modelling and now and again I'll find people just focusing on the modelling side of things and forgetting everything else under the surface. I think it's one of those things that you need to be prepared for if you're gonna start off your career as a model. No matter what you do, it's gonna go back to the aesthetic of your work or who you are before your work. So it's always been an interesting challenge working with that. 

C24: So Nomzamo what enticed you to get involved with this movie because we know it's not Maps… (Kidding)

Nomzamo: You know for me it's three things, one is the filmmaker aka the director. What about the filmmaker do you respect and the way he tells a story? Secondly, the script, is it something that resonates with you, is it a story you would want to tell? And thirdly, the character. All those things were aligned.

It was time we told beautiful South African stories for once, the world thinks the only thing we can relate to is war-torn, disease ridden stories and there's so much more to us. So I felt like it's time.

C24: Were there any challenging parts about your character?

Nomzamo: Hmmm, begging! There was a part where my character needed to beg and Akin said, "You've never begged in your life, have you?" and I said "No, I don't beg". So that was very challenging as a lot of people can take that for granted. It's that personal instinct that comes through that blocks you from telling a story quite well and I had to let that guard down and find that innocence in me.

C24: What was it like acting with one another and was there immediate chemistry?

Nomzamo: Horrid! I hated it!

Maps: There's a lot more things I wanted to do with my free time instead of filming this movie with her, but we made it work. And that's the key to acting... All jokes aside it was fantastic. She is absolutely amazing.

It was kind of awkward at first because I saw her as this big titty… bimbo and the first time I saw her she got an award for the sexiest female, but actually working with her debunked my first impressions of her. Until I heard her speak, I thought there might be more to her.

Nomzamo: It was very awkward in the beginning because I've heard of him but I never thought I would be able to work with him, because he's very posh and for someone who doesn't know him he may come off as a "snob" until you meet him… And you find out he's actually an incredible human being.

When we did our audition it went really well so I thought perhaps if I get the part I wouldn't mind working with him.

C24: And about that chemistry...

Nomzamo: He would make me breakfast on set. I'd get there at 5:30 in the morning and he'd tap me on the shoulder and say "your food is on the table". Only because in the first few days of shooting he picked up on what I liked having for breakfast so after that my breakfast was ready for me on set. And if I was in painful shoes, he'd pick me up...

C24: Awwwwww (cue tears and jealousy)

C24: What's your favourite scene in the movie?

Maps and Nomzamo: We can't choose because each one was so delightful and lovely and sweet and very funny.

Nomzamo: I do like the first scene, where we meet in the club and I shaded him (haha) as well as the juxtaposition of the old couples which was lovely.

C24: Who messed up their lines more?

Nomzamo: He did. But I was very patient with him. (Ah now I'm getting dirty looks), so let me rephrase, it wasn't messing up it was certain emotions he needed to tap into.

Maps: We never ever messed up lines, I always struggled to go deeper, something that she found so quickly most of the time. When it came to remembering lines I think we were always on the ball with that. But the aim to get that exact emotion out, that was the difficult part.

C24: Lastly, why should people go see this movie and what's so different about it?

Nomzamo: Because it's a feel good movie. You want to see it with your friends and loved ones. You walk out of the cinema and still think about the movie hours later. There's so many moments in this film that's like that.

Maps: Besides the fact that it has Nomzamo Mbatha in it, it's a heart warming film. A beautiful South African love story and we paint it in a positive light as a country.

And if gym is not your thing, then you'll be leaving with a six pack after watching this movie.

Now for a Channel24 favourite, we played a game of "Yummy or Gross" and seeing that this is a romantic love story, the theme is 8 things people do whilst dating.

1. Calling each other pet names such as boo, bae, baby...

2. PDA

3. Matching outfits

4. Sharing a milkshake

5. Joint social media accounts

6. Chocolate body paint

7. Watching Fifty Shades Of Grey

8. Sexting (Maps couldn't decide...)


Make sure you watch the trailer of Tell Me Sweet Something coming out this Friday:

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