X-Men sequel to feature time travel

2012-06-07 20:07
London - The X-Men: First Class sequel is set to feature time travel.

The makers of the movie have registered the title Days Of Future Past - which is one of the most famous story arcs from the comic book series - with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), according to aintitcool.com

The storyline switches between the present day and a future in which mutants are an outlawed species, following the assassination of Senator Kelly by villain Magneto (Michael Fassbender).

New character

Kitty Pryde manages to warn her future self of the threat and the X-Men embark on a race against time to stop Magneto before it's too late.

Simon Kinberg, who also worked as a screenwriter on X-Men: The Last Stand will write the script while Matthew Vaughn will once again direct.

Matthew has previously spoken about his ideas for the sequel saying he would only bring in one new character.

He explained: "We will only have one more new character. I won't say who he or she is! But we will only be bringing one more new character in.

"Because, I think, as Professor X (James McAvoy) is in a wheelchair, Magneto needs to have a nemesis he can fight with.

"Someone that will be his equal. I know who it is. It would be nice if I could say something, but I can't!"


  • Dakey - 2012-06-07 20:32

    Terrible idea. The moment you introduce time travel, you lose the audience (note to self, let's exclude time travel movies like Back to the Future etc) The XMen comic did this and lost the plot. Anyone note what happened to Heroes when time travel started to play a part? I think 'Lost' did a decent job of it with two parallel universes as a result, but overall a very bad idea. Basically you're saying 'okay... whatever happens, we can go back in time and resurrect a character'.

      bizarro.jerri - 2012-06-08 08:21

      Dake, you obviously take things like this seriously, so riddle me this, do you think Mystique would go for a guy like me? Thanks, have a good day :)

      LanfearM - 2012-06-08 09:04

      I agree Dakeyras, after the "Days of Future Past", time travel became quite frequent in X-Men and the whole storyline became convoluted.

      LanfearM - 2012-06-08 09:22

      Also, I really don't see how Xavier being in a wheelchair is any impediment to him fighting Magneto. His weapon is vastly powerful telepathic mind after, nothing physical. That irked me also from X-Men 3: The Last Stand. That Jean is suddenly more powerful than Prof X! The Phoenix was a separate entity that inhabited Jean, it wasn't part of her own power. But anyway, nit-picking I know :P

      dracolusus - 2012-06-08 09:51

      I think you people are smoking crack. The Age of Apocalypse story arc was one of the greatest in Xmen. This was started by a time travel incident.

  • Darren - 2012-06-08 09:02

    I can't wait!!

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