A missing singer, a 90-year-old drug mule, a controversial fashion icon, and an unimaginable family tragedy – Here are 4 captivating stories you must read

2019-01-24 13:22
The Sisters Brothers

Cape Town – Channel24, South Africa's largest entertainment news website, collected four of our most captivating recent "long read" articles and put them together in one place for late-night reading.

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The four featured pieces include: A moving conversation with French director Jacques Audiard about his film The Sisters Brothers, a talk with Clint Eastwood on his return to acting, a mystery of a missing singer that returned to the spotlight, and lastly a must-read chat with the female film-maker behind the controversial Vivienne Westwood documentary.

A French director gives new life to the American Western in this soul-stirring new cowboy flick

Director Jacques Audiard dedicated the film, The Sisters Brothers to his own brother, who disappeared at age 25: "For a family of two brothers, when one disappears, the other becomes the only son and the eldest. All the responsibility that was his now falls to you; it’s like an inheritance. You realise how you were comfortable in taking shelter behind him. In an instant, you have all of the inconveniences of the first generation and are without advantages. And you are alone."

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Joaquin Phoenix as Charlie Sisters in The Sisters

Clint Eastwood makes a poignant return to the big screen in this unbelievable true-life film about a 90-year-old drug mule

The Mule is the story of Earl Stone – a 90-year-old horticulturist and Korean War veteran facing financial ruin. He inadvertently gets roped into driving drugs up from the Southwest to Chicago. At first, he doesn’t know what he’s transporting but by the time he finds out what he’s carrying, it’s too late, he’s making so much money doing it. What will he do next?”

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Clint Eastwood

The mystery behind the missing singer who was found after 43 years and then got nominated for a Grammy

“For decades, Jackie Shane was a musical mystery: A riveting black transgender soul singer who packed nightclubs in Toronto in the 1960s, but then disappeared after 1971. Some speculated she had died. Today her face is painted on a massive 20-story musical mural in Toronto with other influential musicians like Muddy Waters and she’s been nominated for best historical album at this year's Grammy Awards.”

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Jackie Shane

This fascinating doccie takes a brilliant look at the life of Vivienne Westwood - but she's not happy about it

“I’m not a fangirl making a fan film. I fell in love with her as a person. As this sexy, defiant older woman. And then I started to learn about her and looking back on her designs I thought – these are genius. What was also amazing about making this film was watching her fall in love again with her job and her own company. When I first met her she said, ‘Oh I don’t really design any more I’m just doing my activism’ and by the end of filming her she was saying ‘No, I’m an activist and I’m a fashion designer.’ She had really fallen back in love with it and got that determination to succeed. It was just my pure desire to make an entertaining film that got beneath the surface of her name, her brand and to show her in a light that could hopefully inspire.”

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Vivienne Westwood

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