Africa's first zombie flick to premiere at Durban Film Festival

2016-06-14 12:07

Johannesburg - With only R50k filmmakers Howard Fyvie and Greg Kriek managed to pull off the impossible by making a full length top quality feature film that made its way from the township all the way to Cannes.

In the midst of a devastating zombie apocalypse in southern Africa, Henry, a cynical American contractor wakes up in a deserted hospital, alone and confused. 

After learning that the region is in the grip of an otherworldly outbreak, he is forced to join forces with three locals in order to survive. Faced with the external threat of blood thirsty zombies, and the internal challenge of mutual mistrust, the four must make it across a treacherous region and reach the last remaining evacuation point in order to make it out alive.

See the trailer here:

Last Ones Out is the much anticipated feature film of the year starring breakout performer Greg Kriek (Momentum, 'n Man soos my Pa). 

Hailed as the first zombie movie made in Africa for Africa, the Last Ones Out team broke all the rules of the game and managed to pull off the unthinkable in this debut feature film by award-winning director Howard James Fyvie. 

This art-house zombie drama also features top South African actress Christia Visser (Hollywood in My Huis, Ballade vir ''n Enkeling) and veteran performer Tshamano Sebe at the top of their game. It’s one not to be missed.

“We realised our biggest challenge wasn’t necessarily lack of money... it was having the right attitude” says Greg who not only starred in the movie but produced it alongside Howard as well.

“Anything is possible- we’re hoping that people will not only be entertained by the movie but will also be inspired!” says writer director Howard Fyvie.

Here's where you can watch the film

The public have the opportunity to watch the film with the cast and filmmakers in attendance on Friday night 17 June and Monday 20 June.

Tickets can be booked by contacting the Durban International Film Festival by calling: +2731 260 2506 or send an email to

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