'All In My Family' is a hidden gem on Netflix about both the heartbreaking and heartwarming moments of being a gay dad

2019-05-18 06:34
All In My Family

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What it's about: In this deeply personal documentary, gay filmmaker Hao Wu faces the dilemma of introducing his partner and children to his traditional family in China.

What we thought: All In My Family made an unceremonial and underrated debut on Netflix earlier this month and what a pity not more people know about it. This 40-minute documentary is both as heart-wrenchingly sad as it is heartwarming.

When Hao Wu and his partner become parents of two kids via two surrogates, Hao faces the tumultuous challenge of returning to China from America to not only introduce his family to his newborn kids but his boyfriend as well.

Coming from a very traditionalist background, Hao's mother struggles to accept his lifestyle while the rest of his family fight over whether they should tell his grandfather the truth about his two beautiful new grandchildren.

The film gives unbarred insight into both sides of the story and shows just how difficult it is for the LGBTQ+ community to be entirely truthful with their families who often reject them once they dare to be honest about their sexuality.

Seeing Hao's struggle and getting a glimpse into how his mother's traditional background restrains her from seeing the joy in the latest additions to their family is painful. However, the film also has an unexpected, quirky side to it and as always – love conquers all.

This is documentary filmmaking at its best – raw, truthful, and powerful.

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