Bridget Jones 4 is a big possibility

2016-09-07 21:00

Los Angeles - Bridget Jones's Baby producer Eric Fellner wants to make a fourth film in the franchise.

The latest movie in the series will hit cinemas this month and sees Renee Zellweger return to play the hapless title character for a third time.

Although the new film is yet to be seen by fans, producer Fellner has already started thinking about bringing Helen Fielding's 2013 novel Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy to the big screen.

Speaking at a press conference to promote the film in London on Monday,  Fellner said: "Helen has another book out there called 'Mad About the Boy' which picks up eight years later, where she's about 50 or 51, so maybe in eight years' time we can talk about it."

Director Sharon Maguire who was also present at the event then chipped in: "We haven't had Bridget's menopause yet!"

Fellner believes that fans of the Bridget Jones franchise are so invested in the character that they could follow her into her next three decades.

He mused: "Why can't we follow these characters into their 50s, 60s and 70s? We'll have to wait and see."

Watch the trailer for Bridget Jones' Baby:

Also participating in the press conference were stars Renee, Colin Firth, Patrick Dempsey and producer Debra Hayward.

And during the Q&A session Renee, 47, revealed why she had taken a four-year break from films after appearing in 2010's My Own Love Song.

Explaining her decision to take some time out for herself, she said: "I was curious about a lot of other things. I had made a lot of promises to myself in life ... I wanted to learn something new, grow as a person and see whether I had aptitude for these things that interest me. If not now, then it'd be in like two more years, in three years, or in 10 years, and then you don't do them, I didn't want that to happen."

Renee also shared what personality traits she admires in Bridget - who finds herself pregnant in the new film and unsure as to whether the father is her former partner Mark Darcy (Colin) or her handsome American lover Jack Qwant (Patrick).

She said: "I like her authenticity, I admire it and I love to play it. It's so much fun to play a person who's so open and awkward, and self-depreciating but embraces herself anyway. Yeah, I love that about her. And she has some pretty nice dates so a girl could envy that, for sure!"

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