Cannes film festival bans 'trivial' red carpet selfies

2018-03-24 11:00
Jean Baptiste Giabicconi

Paris - The head of the Cannes film festival said Friday he was banning selfies on the red carpet, claiming they caused "unwanted disorder" before premieres.

Thierry Fremaux tried once before to ban the "ridiculous and grotesque" practice at the world's most prestigious film festival in 2015, before backing down.

Instead he pleaded with filmgoers, who are usually dressed to the nines in tuxedos and evening gowns, to contain themselves as much as they could.

But this time there would be no reprieve, he said.

Emily Ratajkowski

"Selfies will be banned for spectators on the red carpet," Fremaux told the Film Francais magazine. But it was unclear whether the ban will also apply to the cast and crew of the films being shown.

"The triviality and slowdown caused by the unwanted disorder created by the practice of selfies harms the quality of the climb up the steps, and so the entire festival," he added.

Hollywood stars have also been known to take selfies of themselves on the Cannes red carpet.

(Photo: Getty)

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