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Charlize Theron enjoys playing the Evil Queen

2016-03-15 05:00

Los Angeles - Charlize Theron loves playing a "nutbag" in The Huntsman: Winter's War.

The 40-year-old actress was happy to reprise her role of Queen Ravenna from Snow White and the Huntsman for the new film because she can't imagine enjoying any other character more.

She said: "I love playing this character. I love creating her and finding her. I'll probably never enjoy playing another character this much. She's such a nutbag."

The movie, which has been described as a prequel/sequel to 2012's Snow White and the Huntsman, sees Emily Blunt play Ravenna's younger sister Freya, aka the Ice Queen, and the pair have a very "complicated" relationship.

Emily told Total Film magazine: "Like any sisterly relationship, it's a complicated one. I think it's quite accurate, in a way to reality. Take away the crazy gowns were wearing and you've got fundamentally a relationship that is fairly conflicted and riddled with everything from love to heartbreak.

"They have a very strong sisterly bond but a corrupted... They are double the trouble for Chris Hemsworth."

Charlize thinks her character is the more dominant sibling, but despite the tension between them, she insists the two queens have a "common bond".

She said: "If they were wolf-pups, I'd eat all the food. And have kicked her out of the den a few times. She's definitely manipulative towards her sister - she abuses her power to get what she wants.

"But deep down inside it was important for me and Emily to ground it in something that was real. There's a common bond there.

"And they have a real love and appreciation because of that . But then their nature is - maybe my character more than hers - to survive no matter what. And my character does it quite viciously."

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