CITY PRESS REVIEW: Sleight is more than slightly wack

2017-09-03 14:00

City Press film review: Sleight

Director: JD Dillard

Starring: Jacob Latimore, Seychelle Gabriel

This poorly constructed film is about a young magician who’s lost both his parents and must now fend for himself as well as his younger sister. He does so by performing David Blaine-like sets on the streets of Los Angeles during the day. By night he slings drugs to partygoers looking for that molly.

The main character, Bo, played by actor/singer Jacob Latimore, does card tricks and illusions but he also has superpowers. At least it seems that way for most of the film. He has telekinetic abilities and uses these in his magic and even to avoid arrest when he is searched by police during one of his drug transactions. His crew, headed by Dulé Hill of Ballers fame, finds out that another crew is moving in on their turf. This eventually leads to our Bo having to do something very heinous with a kitchen blade.

He then realises that he is in too deep and tries to leave the dark world of trapping. He rips the leader of his crew off and gets found out. Now he owes Angelou (Hill) a large sum of money and has a limited time in which to pay him back. This sounds like it should be some hard-hitting stuff, neh? It isn’t. If it wasn’t for Hill there really wouldn’t be anything to write home about. It’s shot well, but perhaps it could have done with a stronger score to offset the flimsy script and barely existent plot line.

Bo has a wound on his shoulder; it looks to be far from healing and even looks infected. For a while this is not addressed properly, but that shoulder wound is the chink in this film’s armour. Without giving away too much, that wound is the secret to his telekinesis and once you learn the truth behind it you will hate yourself for watching as long as you would have. This movie bites so hard from movies such as The Matrix and X-Men; it’s as if they think people have forgotten about those titles. Critics have given this movie some good reviews but they must be tripping or perhaps their friends are in this. I wouldn’t lie to you. I wouldn’t even recommend this for viewing when you’re bored. Like, go for a jog or something.

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