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CITY PRESS REVIEW: The Fate of The Furious

2017-04-16 07:07

Johannesburg -  “Dominic Toretto has just gone rogue.” With these words, The Fate of the Furious kicks off with familiar high-octane action and probably the best cast the franchise has offered to date.

While I found the last movie lame and a bit cheesy, this new joint is dark, no-nonsense and butt-kicking - thanks mainly to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham. The banter between the rivals The Rock and Statham is laugh-out-loud-worthy. The fight scenes are absolutely staggering, especially when the two fight their way through a prison riot.

The villain is our very own Charlize Theron, who absolutely rips it as Cipher, a cyberterrorist. She gets Toretto to turn his back on his crew and family.

While the music was sometimes light and at odds with the darkness of the imagery, the cinematography pushes the envelope – with cameras mounted on cars hurled through the air and slowed down.

You’re left wondering just how Toretto manages to drive out of explosions with his car perfectly intact. Personally, I say keep them coming. I can’t wait for Fast 9, 10, 11 ...

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