City Press reviews the new local flick Love by Chance

2017-05-07 13:00

Johannesburg - New local film Love by Chance is about two aspiring SA actors (Altovise Lawrence and Atandwa Kani) who are in America trying to crack Hollywood. They meet by chance during an audition, but between the everyday struggle of trying to become stars, dealing with daily rejection, self-doubt, financial hardship and crazy friends, who has time for love, right? Unfortunately these two do, and take us along on their annoying journey as the one grows to be jealous of the other’s success, resulting in fighting and nagging.

This is just about one of the cheesiest movies I’ve seen. The characters overact, and are those abrasive people who think that everything they say and do is funny and cute. They really are trying so hard and it’s extremely uncomfortable – instead of laughing you’ll roll your eyes. Basically, this is one of those romantic comedies that will never make it to circuit in the US. And I only make that point because the movie is set in that country and its director hails from there.

Kani, an amazing stage actor who has just been cast in Marvel’s Black Panther, disappoints – not because he’s a bad actor, but because he never should’ve accepted this project. While his Instagram comedy skits are hilarious, the great thing about InstaStory is that it only lasts a few seconds.

Watch the trailer here:

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