Despicable Me 3: A bittersweet family treat

2017-07-02 08:44

City Press film review: Despicable Me 3

Universal pictures has come back with a gift for the whole family to enjoy with Despicable Me 3.

The film starts off with fast-paced comedic action as we’re introduced to villain Balthazar Bratt, which is voiced by Trey Parker of South Park fame.

I was sure this was going to be full of laughs when an Anti Villain League agent thinks Balthazar is a monster, but he is just “a man wearing shoulder pads”.

Balthazar is a representation of the (literal) ugly side of Hollywood. He’s a former child star of the colourful 80s who played a baddie on TV, and fell so deep into his role he convinced himself it was all real. My word, the 80s was a weird time to be alive!

However, the rising star came crashing down when he hit puberty and his 15 minutes of fame came to an untimely end. The poor guy has stuck with the same awful fashion sense and hair cut as he plans to exact his revenge on Hollywood, and then the world.

Thanks again to the talent and musical genius of Pharrell Williams, the film’s soundtrack is awesome.

As with most animated movies these days, adults will enjoy it as much as the kids do. Mature themes such as unemployment, family bonding, growing up and even an identity crisis are all neatly packed into gripping subplots.

Lucy (Kristen Wiig) and our favourite anti-hero daddy Gru (Steve Carell) are tasked with saving the day while they juggle taking care of their daughters and staying above the lovable madness of the minions. Also, Gru has a twin brother! And he has hair!

However, the movie falls short in some areas – because all the giggles and laugh-out-loud moments happen in the first hour of film, the audience is subjected to an anti-climactic ending that left me wanting more.

Added to this, the quality of the 3-D version is mediocre. It would be wise to save the difference in ticket prices and rather watch it in 2-D.

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