Everything you need to know about the Indie Karoo Film Festival

2016-06-15 22:00

Cape Town - The 2nd annual Indie Karoo Film Festival takes place in Prince Albert from 29 June to 3 July. 

The festival will see over 40 films screened from South Africa and from across the continent and beyond throughout the weekend. 

In addition to film screenings there will be a host of workshops and discussions, including a Q&A with world renowned South African director Gavin Hood after the screening of his latest critically acclaimed film, Eye in the Sky.

Other guests in attendance will include festival judges Gerard Rudolf, well known actor and poet, film director Jozua Malherbe, and award winning actresses Rolanda Marais, Lida Botha and film directors Koos Roets, and  Jozua Malherbe.

Another highlight of this year’s festival is the inclusion of a new award, The Golden Aloe Audience Award that will be voted for by festival goers. Voting will take place through the Prince Albert Great Karoo App.

Here are five feature films that will be screened at the Festival.

1. Twee Grade van Moord

Aleksa Cloete (Sandra Prinsloo), a well-known Cape Town psychologist, has authored a bestseller, Love Doesn’t Hurt, but despite her long and happy marriage to husband Ben (Marius Weyers), she has an entirely intellectual view of love. When Aleksa agrees to take part in a reality-style documentary about her breakthrough therapeutic work with women who confuse pain with love, one of her patients, Tanya Basson (Hilda Cronje), agrees to be the case study.

See the trailer here:

2. Timelines 

Timelines is a documentary feature made up of three totally different stories that share one theme; how do you grieve, when death goes viral?

The documentary is the result of a two-year journey into the lives and deaths of these three girls, told through intimate interviews with their family and friends, exclusive home-video footage and – of course – a look at their social media profiles.

See the trailer here:

3. Assignment

Kathleen Jacobs, a renowned conflict journalist returns home after uncovering an incredible scoop. When she pitches the story to her editor, he turns her down.

Kathleen, however, is determined to break the story; a decision that pitches her squarely against major political forces. When she refuses to back off despite numerous “incidents", Kat suddenly finds herself on the run, aided only by two ex's; her ex-husband and an ex-military consultant. 

See the trailer here:

4. Bala Bala Sese

An incredible story of boyfriend's battle for love through perseverance. In the outskirts of Sese Island, John (Micheal Kasaija) is madly in love with Maggie and both are willing to take their love forward. Facing abuses and harassments by malicious Maggie's father Kasirivu (Raymond Rushabiro), John, helped by his young brother Alex (Ssesanga Ismael) is determined to take in all but to retain the love of his life especially when he finds out that he has a contender village tycoon (Jabal Dungu) who is also lining up for Maggie.

See the trailer here:

5. Man Up!

South Africa is a violent country with some of the highest levels of gender-based violence in the world. Men are the primary perpetrators of such violence. Man Up! offers a critical look at manhood in South Africa by unpacking the realities of men’s life experiences in order to make sense of their violence.

See the trailer here:

Man Up! OFFICIAL TRAILER from Reel Epics Productions on Vimeo.

Book your tickets!

Indie Karoo Film Festival screenings will take place at four venues: The Showroom Theatre, the Zwartberg High, the Jans Rautenbach Schouwburg and the Sidwell Williams Centre.

Tickets can also be purchased via the Showroom Theatre.

The full selection of films for the 2016 edition of the Indie Karoo Film Festival, along with ticket and daily or weekend passes can be found  here

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