Here's the latest on the Fast 8 beef

2016-08-11 10:12

Los Angeles - Vin Diesel left the Fast 8 set just minutes after his final scene wrapped on Wednesday.

The 49-year-old actor-and-producer - who is believed to have been the target of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's Facebook rant about his unprofessional co-star on the movie earlier this week - finished filming at 01:00 and as soon as the director called cut, he gathered the crew around and said he was leaving, TMZ reports.

During his speech Vin, who is said to regard himself as the franchise's father figure, said: "Daddy's gone".

Vin posted a video on Instagram after wrapping up filming in which he said he was glad to return home to his family after a long year of filming.

He also went on to talk about the new word his daughter has learned and ended the clip on a rather ominous note. 

Watch it here:

While Vin and The Rock held private showdown talks over the former WWE star's social media tirade, the gossip site claims they were not able to resolve their differences.

Meanwhile, an insider claims the two actors have repeatedly "butted heads" throughout filming after the 44-year-old actor - whose own filming wraps on Thursday "lost patience" with his co-star's "difficult" behaviour.

A source told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: "Vin Diesel and the Dwayne Johnson have been butting heads throughout the production of Fast 8.

"Vin has a reputation for being difficult - he shows up late, keeps people waiting, holds up production and is disrespectful to people on the set. Dwayne lost his patience with him."

However, other sources told the website it was The Rock who was frequently late, much to his co-star's annoyance.

The Baywatch actor hasn't directly addressed the situation since making his cryptic post earlier this week, but he has now taken to Instagram to praise the importance of "team effort" while also insisting conflict can be a "good thing".

He posted on Instagram: "You guys reading this know how much I believe in the idea of team effort. That means respecting every person, their time and their value when they step onto my set or partner with our production company. And like with any team, that's a family, there's gonna be conflict. Family is gonna have differences of opinion and fundamental core beliefs. To me, conflict can be a good thing, when it's followed by great resolution. I was raised on healthy conflict and welcome it. And like any family, we get better from it."

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Tyrese Gibson speaks out

Meanwhile co-star Tyrese Gibson also had his say in a now deleted Instagram post. 

The actor posted a video of Johnson singing to his eight-year-old daughter Shyla with a lengthy caption referring to Johnson as his brother and praising him for being one of the most humble humans he knows. 

But it wasn’t all good as Gibson expressed that he wasn't really happy about Johnson's statement. 

He wrote, "Does any of us know why bro decided to jump out there with his post? No...... Would one assume that IF he's going to jump out there and generalize and say 'Male Co-Stars' he would be more clear and call out names??? Of course he should of.

"Let me calm you guys all the way down........ I don't know WHO he has a problem and I don't have any details of WHAT those problems are - as a matter of fact if I DID know I would tell you shit!!!

"This franchise is not about and has #Never been about anyone of us individually it's about the #FASTFAMILY - the TRIBE."

Y'all remember the dialogue from this scene? In the comments GO!!!!

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