If you urgently need something to entertain the kids with this long weekend here's a handy list of fun flicks you can stream right now

2018-03-31 08:40
Frankie and Carter from the film Benji on Netflix

Cape Town - You don’t need long road trips or boxes of those marshmallow chocolate eggs for a sweet long weekend. (Actually, who are we kidding, you absolutely need marshmallow eggs, and lots of them.)

Stream these movies on Showmax, DStv Now, Netflix and Amazon Prime while you’re cuddled up on the couch with the kids for a staycation to remember.

1. Hop (Available on Showmax.)

Who wants to be Easter Bunny? Not E.B., who ditches his dad's business and escapes to Los Angeles in this brilliant mix of animation and film.

2. Charlotte’s Web (Available on Showmax.)

Wilbur the pig doesn't want to die, but he's destined to end up on a plate. So, Wilbur and the spider Charlotte hatch a plan in this delightful family movie based on the EB White classic novel. Have the tissues handy for this one!

3. Balto (Available on Showmax.)

Feel the rush of the snowy North as Balto the sled dog rushes against time and danger to save his village in this exciting animated adventure. Did you know it’s based on a true story?

4. Babe: Pig in the City (Available on Showmax.)

Babe has to save the farm from debt collectors, so he takes his sheepherding talents to the city. But is the world ready for this brave little pig? The first movie Babe, equally adorable, is also on Showmax.

5. The Adventures of TinTin (Available on Showmax.)

The famous comic character is brought to life in this brilliant and groundbreaking animated film. Can TinTin and his loyal dog Snowy uncover the ancient secrets of a mysterious sunken ship? Directed by Steven Spielberg, this is a thrill ride for the whole family!

6. Disney’s Toy Story 3 (Available on DStv Now.)

The third-highest grossing animated film of all time (coming only behind Frozen and Minions) is a wild ride for little ones and grown-ups, and has some seriously heart-wrenching moments thrown in among the humour, danger and crazy adventure. Andy has left for college, and Woody, Buzz and the others are mistakenly put out with the trash. It’s up to Woody to save them and get them back home all in one piece.

7. Disney’s Up (Available on DStv Now.)

Another animated film that will bring grown-ups to tears is Up, about a grumpy widower who decides to outwit the developers who want to bulldoze his house by literally floating away in it and finally visiting South America. But what he didn’t bargain for is a lonely boy scout as a stowaway, or a talking dog with a huge heart and a tiny brain.

8. Benji (Available on Netflix.)

This reboot of the 1974 classic was written and directed by Brandon Camp, the son of Joe Camp, who directed the original. Benji is an orphaned puppy who is befriended by two school kids. When the kids are abducted by robbers, it’s Benji to the rescue.

9. Disney’s Mulan (Available on Netflix.)

This 1998 classic is a must for kids of today, with its empowering message for young girls that they have the power to save not only themselves, but also the people they love. Fa Mulan impersonates a man so that she can be enlisted into the Chinese army in place of her infirm father, and is assisted along the way by a little dragon called Mushu.

10. Fantastic Mr Fox (Available on Amazon Prime.)

This gorgeous stop-motion animation masterpiece, based on Roald Dahl’s hilarious children’s book, is a feast of fun for Wes Anderson fans, starring the voice talents of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray and Owen Wilson. Can Fox outsmart the cruel farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean?

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