Leonardo DiCaprio ordered to testify in Wolf of Wall Street lawsuit

2016-06-19 09:58

New York — A federal judge says actor Leonardo DiCaprio can be questioned for litigation stemming from The Wolf of Wall Street.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Steven Locke, in Central Islip (EYE'-slihp), New York, issued the ruling on Thursday in a lawsuit brought by Andrew Greene against Paramount Pictures Corp. and others in 2014.

Greene contends that the portrayal of a character who engaged in illegal and morally questionable acts in the 2013 film defames him. He is seeking over $50m. Paramount says the character is a fictional composite.

Lawyers for the 41-year-old DiCaprio opposed the deposition request, saying DiCaprio did not write the screenplay or direct the film. In the movie, DiCaprio portrayed Jordan Belfort, a notorious stock swindler who cost investors millions of dollars in the 1990s.

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