SA actress tells us about her Cannes adventure

2016-05-17 07:34

Cannes - South African Actress, Sarah Kozlowski is no stranger to the international stage. Having been signed in Los Angeles, the talented actress saw herself travel to one of the most prestigious and exciting film festivals to have ever been created.

Sarah is at the 69th Cannes Film Festival to promote her new film Alexia and to rub shoulders with Hollywood’s A-listers.

Here’s a quick Q&A about her experience at Cannes.

What are you doing at Cannes?

I am so blessed to be here wearing two hats. I am here to promote my new film Alexia as the lead actress. Acting is my career however, I start shooting my first film that I am producing in August so I am also here to meet with international distributors which is just as exciting. Being either in front of the camera or behind it for films that your are incredibly passionate about, is equally as rewarding. I do however feel like I am about to collapse from exhaustion!  

Dreams come true and vision boards work... Full stop. Seeing #alexiafilm in the #SAFilms #cannes2016 brochure made me more grateful than any Social Media post can quantify. Watching its trailer loop at the South African tent was goosebumps stuff. Thank you to every human tagged that did such a shit hot job on this project. As the lead actress in this feature I have never been challenged so willingly. After starring in this film I was inspired to start producing! To make films I believe in! At Cannes as an Actress and Producer!!!! (can't believe I just wrote that!) A special thank you to the likes of @terrypheto @anelalexander1 for being my inspiration! Phenomenal actresses making films they want to be in! Looking forward to producing @americanmulefilm with @indiekhalid @degenerate_v @surayar0se @indiekhalid Find your people you believe in that believe in you and go for gold. #indiefilmmaking #southafricans #southafrica #cannesfilmfestival #sycoraxpictures #americanmulefilm #alexiafilm #producer #actress #SouthAfricanTalent

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Tell us more about the movie you are showcasing

The film Alexia, tells the story of a young woman preparing herself for tremendous changes in her life, with the help of her enigmatic therapist. Alexia goes through trial and fire when she meets Donald, a man unbeknown to her is married and risks it all in the pursuit of love.

Watch the trailer here:

Tell us more about the character you play

I play the lead role. I fell in love with her the moment I read the script. She is a total sucker for love. Not the pathetic type, just the type that only see's the best in men and believes romance exists. I actually met the director by auditioning for another film and when the audition was over he said; "That was great but we have been waiting to make another film for five years as we haven't been able to find the right actress until this minute!" He told me about the character and she is incredibly complex with many layers so as flattered as I was I also understood why they took their time.

What is the overall atmosphere and Cannes experience like?

It's like a fairytale, countless couture garments, crowds of people from all over the world and an underlying essence of absolute elegance. The dress codes are strict wherever you go, and it has a sense of cinema elitism. Everyone here is top of their game in the industry and it's incredibly inspiring to say the least. All the body guards also look like super models.

Why is making your mark and showcasing your work to an international audience important for you?

South African projects deserve international recognition and when they receive the right exposure generally are well received. The quality of our talent and crew is that of any where else in the world. - What have you taken out of this experience? I love what I do even more so, if that's even possible and realise that good stories can change lives, even if in a small way. There are many social conscious awareness films here this year, not only block busters. It has been an eye opener and I have learnt a lot and cannot wait to get home with my new knowledge and mind set!

You were privileged to attend "The Nice Guys" premiere starring Russell Crowe. What was that like?

Well firstly I think every photographer in the entire world was there! I met Russell briefly whilst living in LA and he was very humble and relaxed and it was nice to see him on the carpet doing his thing as the absolute professional that he is. I got to wear my absolute favourite local designers Quiteria and George and felt like a princess walking the carpet in their creation!

What can we expect from your career this year?

You can catch me on a few local TV series and I have two films releasing both locally and internationally. - Is moving to Hollywood something you would wish to do? I was signed in LA for many years and will always return to Hollywood as it has a special place in my heart. I am determined to balance my career between SA and the US.

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