The most talked about duet at the Cannes Film Festival

2016-05-12 18:00

Cannes  — "Anna and Garfunkel" is how Justin Timberlake introduced himself and Anna Kendrick for an acoustic performance of Cindi Lauper's True Colours at the Cannes Film Festival.

The pair was in Cannes on Wednesday to promote the DreamWorks Animation release Trolls, for which they voice the main characters. Timberlake is also executive producer of the soundtrack, which includes original songs by him.

After previewing footage for the film, DreamWorks chief Jeffrey Katzenberg introduced the duo, who strode out on the stage with Timberlake bearing an acoustic guitar. Held in the Palais des Festivals, it was the first time Cannes had lent its headquarters for a promotional screening of early footage.

Watch it here:

Katzenberg has long been an annual presence at Cannes but that may be coming to an end. Last month he sold the studio to Comcast for $3.8bn, a sale expected to be completed by the end of the year. Trolls is due out in November.

Cannes is just the first stop on Timberlake's European trip, however. He will perform his hit single Can't Stop the Feeling on Saturday in Stockholm as part of the Eurovision song contest — rare territory for American pop stars of his caliber.

"I'm excited. They asked and said 'No one has ever really gone over and done it other than people that are in the competition.' And I said 'Well, let's do it,'" Timberlake said after the Trolls performance. "So, it'll be fun. It's like crazy right? It's like a crazy competition. I'm actually looking forward to how big it is."

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