Tom Hiddleston watched dead bodies being carved up for his role in High-Rise

2016-04-11 21:00

Los Angeles - Tom Hiddleston attended autopsies to prepare for his role in High-Rise.

The 35-year-old actor shadowed a forensic pathologist as research for playing a doctor in the dystopian drama and found the experience both "fascinating and disturbing".

Discussing his preparations, he said: "First I played some extra games of squash.

"I also spent a day with a forensic pathologist and he took me into his workplace where I watched autopsies being performed.

"Visiting the pathologist and seeing a human body cut open was fascinating and disturbing. I called Ben Wheatley, and told him he should come by one day. He said, 'No thanks'. "

Tom admitted it eventually became "very difficult" watching dead bodies being carved up, but he was particularly interested in observing the pathologist at work.

He said: "At some point it became very difficult to keep watching human bodies being opened up and all of our human engineering being exposed.

"What was probably most interesting is how a pathologist proceeds with his work and goes about his job like a mechanic taking apart a car engine - except in his profession he's taking apart a human body."

Watch the trailer for High Rise here:

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