We're a bit obsessed with Lalla Hirayama right now

2016-04-22 06:00

Cape Town – Lalla Hirayama has just landed our dream job. 

As the face of M-Net Movies she goes globetrotting interviewing A-list stars and catch them as they walk the red carpet at international premieres.

We're a bit obsessed with Lalla and her new gig and during a recent interview with her we found out what she's obsessed about in the movies.  

What is your all time favourite movie?

Ooh, so many! I love Gorillas in the Mist, it is my favourite movie of all time. 

Who’s your favourite actor and actress?

Sir Anthony Hopkins is my favourite actor in the world. As a kid I was obsessed with him while everyone was going crazy over Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. And I was just like Sir Anthony Hopkins is my everything and everyone thought I was weird.

She's not the best actress in the world, but I am obsessed with Sofia Vegara. She just gives me life that women! Yes I know she's not the most intense actress, there's just something about her that I relate to. She's a ton of fun, she's hot. She's just amazing. 

What’s your favourite movie genre?

I'm a comedy girl. I believe that laughter is the best medicine. My least favourite genre on the other hand is horror, that I cannot do!

Which celebrity have you met that you were most flustered with and how did you maintain your composure?

Jason Statham. I interviewed him at the Fast and the Furious junket last year. I full on had a panic attack during the interview. He was talking to me, 'stay calm, look focused' and I couldn't hear a word he was saying. He is my dad's favourite actor and as I was sitting there it suddenly sunk in that I was sitting there speaking to him. 


Did you see how hot Ben Affleck was? Batman. I was always a big Superman fan. After that interview with them, definitely Batman.

If a movie was made about your life what would it be called and who would you want to play you?

Why would anyone want to play me and why would there be a movie about my life? My life is really not that interesting, it would be a 20 minute movie. 

Kristen Kreuk from Smallville. She's hot, tiny and half German or Devon Aoki, she's also half Japanese.

And the movie would be called, "Why are you watching this movie?"

Catch Lalla Land across M-Net’s nine movie channels, as well as in a dedicated slot on M-Net Movies Premiere, just before the week’s Sunday night blockbuster at 20:30.

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