Zsa Zsa Gabor only found out about her amputated leg 3 years later

2016-12-31 10:04

Cape Town - Zsa Zsa Gabor was remembered on Friday during a funeral Mass for being the epitome of Hollywood glamour, an elegant and attention-seeking actress who paved the way for future generations of celebrities, AP reported.

Around 100 mourners gathered on Friday at the picturesque Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills to pay respects to Gabor, who died on 18 December from a heart attack at age 99.

Gabor's husband, Frederic von Anhalt, gave a 40-minute eulogy that focused on Gabor's thirst for the limelight.

Shocking admission

During the eulogy he made a startling admission saying: “I told her that we were going to get an x-ray. She woke up and said, 'What happened?' I told her nothing.

"She was in the hospital for about 14 days. The wound was healing so fast, faster than we expected, it was just perfect. They wanted to keep us another two weeks and I said, 'No, we're going home.' So I took her home."

"She didn't know the leg was gone. She found out three years later and it was my mistake because I tried to sit her up on the bed. All of a sudden she looked down and she said there's a leg missing. I said, 'No, the leg is there right in front of you. You don't need a leg.' And that's it. It was all OK. We went out and had fun. Everything was OK," The Sun reported.

In 2011 Gabor had to have her right leg amputated after it was infected with gangrene from what is believed to have started from a massive blood clot.

During his eulogy, von Anhalt pulled a magazine out of a Louis Vuitton dog bag and spoke about the first cover story featuring them as a couple, and also displayed what he said was her favourite pink pillow from Munich.

At the end of the eulogy, he took a gold box containing Gabor's ashes and placed them inside the bag to take them to a private ceremony at the nearby Westwood Village Park Memorial Cemetery.

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(Sources: AP/The Sun)

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