Elton John delivers another hit with 'Rocketman'

2019-06-07 22:00

The sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll of Elton John’s life finds a fantastical imagining in 'Rocketman', that’s more musical than biopic.  Read More »


Explosion on the set of new James Bond film leaves one injured

2019-06-06 08:16

A test explosion on the set of the new James Bond movie has caused damage to Britain's Pinewood Studios and left one crew member injured. Read More »


SA's 'Canary' spreads its wings to the USA

2019-06-05 14:01

Christiaan Olwagen's 80's musical drama, 'Canary', starring comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout, will have a theatrical release in Los Angeles. Read More »


'Godzilla' stomps its way to number 1 at the box office

2019-06-03 08:35

Warner Bros.' 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' stomped to the top of the box-office in its opening weekend in North American theatres. Read More »

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