Space travel, Brad Pitt, and the South African physicist ready to live on Mars

2019-09-27 13:07

We interviewed award-winning theoretical physicist, Dr Adriana Marais about space travel, science fiction movies and a daring experiment that she will be leading in 2021. Read More »


Elle Fanning spent months preparing to become a pop star for new movie

2019-09-27 11:17

In this exclusive interview director Max Minghella, and actors Elle Fanning and Zlatko Buric talk about the new film, 'Teen Spirit'. Read More »


Warner Bros responds to backlash after victims of mass shooting raise concerns about the 'Joker'

2019-09-25 10:35

Warner Bros. denied its controversial film Joker portrays its murderous outcast villain as a hero, after families hit by the Aurora theatre mass shooting penned an open letter expressing concern. Read More »


The 'Downton Abbey' movie is so charming - it may even convert those who weren't fans of the show

2019-09-22 08:00

Fans of the television series are obviously going to love every minute of the 'Downton Abbey' movie but it’s so unfailingly charming, big-hearted and funny that it may well even convert some Downton doubters along the way. Read More »

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