27 Dresses

2008-05-12 08:08
What it's about:

Jane (Katherine Heigl) is good at being a bridesmaid. In fact, she's so good at being a bridesmaid she's been one 27 times. While waiting for her boss George (Ed Burns), whom she's secretly in love with, to realize that she's the one for him. But the sitting around waiting has to change when Jane's glamorous baby sister Tess (Malin Ackerman) gets engaged to her secret crush, and protect those she loves against a journalist Kevin Doyle (James Marsden) – a writer sent to cover the wedding and secretly expose Jane's serial bridesmaid tendencies.

What we thought of it:

27 Dresses is shaped much like the weddings on which it's premised. There's the pent up anticipation of a ceremony that will be packed with big romantic gestures, cheery fun moments and the odd drunk uncle. But once it gets underway in the chapel, the excitement dips and the formalities get taken care of. Thankfully things begin to pick up after the vows are exchanged. Guests loosen up at the reception and the party starts rocking.

With many critics tipping Heigl and Marsden as the next generation of comedic actors, following the success of Knocked Up and Enchanted, you’ll have high hopes. But the pace flags as the film slowly winds its way through the whys, whats and howcomes of the story line. You find yourself wondering whether you can dip to the loo in between character explanations and plot developments, while waiting for the "real" comedy.

However, Marsden's charming smile and enchanting demeanor slowly win you over with laugh-out-loud lines and goofy scenes while Heigl's hilarious delivery and spot-on timing coax some spontaneity into a predictable plot. Although there are holes (like why doesn't someone who's so in love with weddings just become a wedding planner, or how does anyone know enough friends to be a bridesmaid 27 times, or even why any straight guy in his right mind would become a "commitments" writer), the cast exude enough charisma to convince you to overlook the many clichés and various plot gaps.

And finally (depending on whether you're a wedding cynic or optimist) you either leave feeling happy and satisfied with the day's romantic events, or glum and disillusioned by the clichéd tradition.

- Megan Kakora
A charismatic and loveable cast convince you to overlook the many clichés and fall for this comedy.

Tania 2008/02/01 9:17 AM
27 Dresses Loved it!
audilia couto 2008/02/01 10:09 AM
27 dresses I really enjoyed it. funny, a bit sad and a sexy lead male character.
Henrietta 2008/02/05 10:37 AM
27 Dresses Makes you believe that there is someone for everybody out there. We should just open our eyes and see the obvious. Enjoyed it very much!!
fiftypushing 2008/02/16 4:00 AM
Mrs First half very slow! Got tired of all the directorial close-ups. Last 40 minutes was definitely the best part. 'Knocked Up', a much better and funnier film
Thando 2008/03/17 1:02 PM
27 Dresses It was very entertaining, especially on her wedding when all the brides maids are lining up behind her. Lead actor very funny and damn sexy.
Winnie Monama 2008/05/16 4:53 PM
27 Dresses I loved the movie. Romantic comedy at its best.
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