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A Man Apart

2006-11-03 10:10

Sean Vetter and his partner Demetrius Hicks grew up on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Now they work together as DEA agents, fighting to stem the virulent drug pipeline along the Mexican border. Dubbed "the gunslingers" for their tough street tactics, their perseverance pays off when they take down notorious Baja Cartel kingpin Memo Lucero Geno.

With Lucero locked away in a maximum-security prison, Vetter is finally able to go home to his wife, Stacy, a sanctuary from the harsh realities of his job. But in the wake of Lucero's arrest, a mysterious and violent figure, known only as Diablo, emerges to claim dominance over the Baja Cartel.

When Vetter and Hicks set their sights on identifying and stopping this dangerous and elusive new player, Diablo makes the fight personal. He robs Vetter of the one person who gives his life meaning - Stacy. With nothing to lose, Vetter pulls out every resource at his disposal to bring Diablo down - including an unlikely alliance with the jailed Cartel boss Lucero.

He will stop at nothing to avenge his wife's murder, edging dangerously close to the line between justice and lawlessness, even if it sets him at odds with the police unit to which he has dedicated his life.

What the critics are saying:

"So, A Man Apart is hypocritical and stupid - well, it's an action film. What's unforgivable is it's dull..."
- Nev Pierce, BBCi

"Despite all the strenuous efforts to build sympathy for Diesel's character, it's hard to bond with a man whose explosive temper leads him to repeatedly punch a man in the head until he dies..."
- Megan Lehmann, New York Post

"The plot is nonsensical; the action is laughable and Vin - that tough-guy superstar for the 21st century - looks worryingly like late-period Sly Stallone."
- Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

A Man Apart is a boring and pointlessly violent film. Odious over-acting by gravel voiced hunk Vin Diesel further seals its fate.

laura 2003/06/15 7:44 PM
da man i think the movie was brilliant and i loved it so much that i would go and watch it again
Vee 2003/06/17 1:34 PM
Vin rules But the movie sucked! It really was as bad as the reviews. I'm a BIG Vin fan - but I battled to stay awake.
Pete 2003/06/18 7:21 AM
I love it Watched the movie and it is cool
Juldabull 2003/06/30 9:38 AM
A man apart I watched this movie and thought Vin would somehow get to his senses. Strange how a man loses it being on the force and he still continues to run the show!! Mediocre movie with unnecessary violence.
ANGEL 2003/07/08 11:27 PM
VIN-hotti i think that this movie was really cool!and i'm a big vin diesel fan. i think that those who gave it a 1 has no taste in movies. i'm not saying that it is vin diesel's best but it was very good!!
Ray 2006/06/26 4:54 PM
It was Ok Watched the movie and it is cool
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