A Perfect Getaway

2010-01-11 08:49
A Perfect Getaway

What the movie’s about:

Cliff and Cydney are an adventurous young couple celebrating their honeymoon by backpacking to one of the most beautiful and remote beaches in Hawaii. Hiking the wild, secluded trails, they believe they’ve found paradise. But when the pair comes across a group of frightened hikers discussing the horrifying murder of another newlywed couple on the islands, they begin to question whether they should turn back.

What we thought:

David Twohy is the writer-director who has penned such thriller-a-minutes as The Fugitive and Pitch Black – but then he's also responsible for writing Waterworld (1995), one of the most infamous turkeys of all time. A Perfect Getaway is his first directorial effort since 2004's Chronicles of Riddick, which attracted the star powers of Dame Judi Dench and Vin Diesel. This, however, is more of a B-list cheap thrill. It reeks like the bathroom of a cheap motel, yet still has the ability to chill you when you see a cockroach crawling by in the hallway of that same cheap motel.

When we first meet Cliff (Steve Zahn) and Cydney (Milla Jovovich) they epitomise happy, in-love newlyweds, with that unmistakable honeymoon glow. They head to Hawaii where they meet Nick (Timothy Olyphant) and Gina (Kiele Sanchez), a free-spirited couple. During a hike on the island, they learn that another couple has been butchered on a neighbouring island - that’s where things take a twist. You’d be forgiven for thinking, "Oh, I know where this is going", but you'd be wrong. The movie is filled with decent twists and turns, and at some points will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Sadly that’s all the entertainment you’ll get. Milla is as gorgeous as ever and this sort of over-baked action-thriller is perfect for her, while Steve should be left to playing quirky roles as in Management. However, the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful and you’ll wish you could bathe in the sun on the white sandy shores of Hawaii. See it if you enjoy seeing beautiful people getting freaked out of their minds.

And speaking of which: If you’re not completely convinced by Milla's breath-taking onscreen beauty, A Perfect Getaway is hell-bent on convincing you otherwise.

Cheap thrills and unappetising twists will somehow make you rethink your next exotic holiday destination.

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