Agent Cody Banks

2006-11-03 10:02

To his family and friends, Cody Banks is a typical teen - he loves to skateboard, hates geometry, and turns into a stuttering wreck when he talks to girls. But Cody's got a secret - he's actually part of the teen CIA program. Cody's living every boy's dream life - he can drive like a stuntman, has an incredible arsenal of cool gadgets, and his agency mentor, Ronica Miles, is absolutely gorgeous.

But Cody's training is put to the test when he must befriend his beautiful classmate Natalie Connors. He must gain access to her father - a scientist unknowingly developing a fleet of deadly nanobots for the evil organization ERIS.

From runaway cars and high-speed snowboard chases to a spectacular mountaintop showdown, Cody has to use every skill he's learned to stop ERIS from completing their mission.

What the critics are saying:

"...five screenwriters have taken Robert Rodriguez's inventive Spy Kids premise and then proceeded to shamelessly rip off everything from James Bond to Mission: Impossible 2, employing less imagination than the average pre-schooler displays in a crayon drawing."
- Megan Lehmann, New York Post.

"Although the concept behind Agent Cody Banks is a little uninspired, it's still an enjoyable 'tween pic thanks to its likeable cast."
- Guylaine Cadorette, Hollywood.Com

"Spy Kids looks like Citizen Kane next to this movie..."
- Desson Howe, Washington Post

Despite the lashings of sports cars and gadgets (not to mention cleavage), Agent Cody Banks is unlikely to impress anyone outside of its narrow audience of air-headed pre-teen boys.

inas 2007/04/28 9:29 AM
hi nousa hi nousa kifik ? mniha? 5ide ha soura ok? bye
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