American Gangster

2008-03-11 08:07
What it's about:

Frank Lucas is the quiet driver for one of the inner city's leading black crime bosses, until his boss dies and Frank exploits the gap in the power structure to construct his own empire and create his own "American Dream". He ends up ruling the inner-city drug trade by filling the streets with a purer product at a cheaper price. Lucas outsmarts all the leading crime syndicates and becomes one of the city's major kingpins as well as some sort of civic superstar.

What we thought of it:

You'll need patience for the first hour of this two-and-a-half hour-long biopic, as it leisurely gives the background to Frank Lucas' (Denzel Washington) life before he became the notorious drug lord of Harlem in the 70s. You might be initially irritated as you try to figure out what the hell's going on, but as the pieces come together you'll soon find yourself on the edge of your seat – right till the climatic end of this gruesome and gripping account of the rise and fall of the baddest heroin top dog.

With an exciting cast that includes Ruby Dee, Cuba Gooding Jr., rapper Common and TI, and RZA from the influential hip hop group Wu Tang Clan, you're in for a treat. Even if graphic violence isn't your scene, the soundtrack should be more than enough to keep you entertained. After all the film inspired Jay-Z's latest album also titled American Gangster. But this isn't a hip-hop gangster video with naked hoochies (although there's plenty of nudity). The storyline is complex and much too real. Ultimately, it explores universal issues of survival, extortion, love, loyalty and atonement.

American Gangster probably would've been a regular gangster film if it weren't for the authentic performance from Academy Award winners, Denzel Washington and Russel Crowe. Washington is known for his roles as a dignified and honourable man, but he relishes this role as a natural born hustler and acts with pure conviction and passion. It'll be no surprise if he and the man behind this film, director Ridley Scott, are nominated for several awards for one of this year's finest productions.

- Gugu Mkhabela
A hardcore and gripping biopic depicting the rise and fall of heroin kingpin, Frank Lucas.

Phindile Mahola 2007/12/08 2:12 AM
American Gangster I thing this one would definatelly get an Oscar,peaple would like to see Denzil and Cuba Gooding in together.
Mindlo 2007/12/08 12:11 PM
Good norm I personally think that this movie would have been another Scarface or New Jack City had it not been for the fact that its true and also the racial undertones about making it in the American criminal world. Denzel tries being the corrupt detective again but Frank Lucas does not allow him to do that. Russell Crowe juggles unfaithfullness and honestly in a subliminal manner and Ruby Dee, althought on the movie for four scenes, excels like a true thespian. Chiwetel Ejiofor does the country boy like he really is a country boy. Everybody else is okay, good movie but not Oscar material
Anwar Daniels 2007/12/08 7:14 PM
Good but not great Familiar story, but well told and acted. I did enjoy this movie, one really gets the feeling of New York in 70s era, as well as some solid performance you come to expect from this great cast. However with film heavyweights such as Washington, Crowe and director Ridley Scott behind this movie, it has to be judged in a higher category. And amongst comparative movies, it is middle of the road. So whilst it is a movie experience that I recommend, its not going to be added to the collectables.
SAAJIDA 2007/12/20 6:58 PM
Busisiwe 2008/01/11 10:21 AM
mS Not bad language
Omphemetse 2008/01/25 10:24 PM
good!! the movie is good through out the movie u feel so intouch with it,could actually relate to some of the things he did and i was so thrilled by his peformance he hasnt lost his touch! at all! its a must see u never feel like it is a time wasted.
sylvester 2008/02/28 12:07 PM
american gangster denzel is one in a million when it comes to adapting to different roles.u can always rely on him to give his best and i credit him for makin this movie a success.i was almost convinced to quit my job and start a drug trade,but reality kicks in ultimately,good one there denzel nd the crew.
Skillgannon 2008/03/20 10:30 AM
Mmmm!!!!! This could have been a whole lot better, don't get me wrong I just feel that with the cast of this film there could have been more, it was just missing something. Yet! it was a good movie.
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