Are We Done Yet?

2007-12-21 13:26
What it’s about

The sequel to Are We There Yet? sees Nick and Suzanne newly and happily married. They've shacked up in Nick's pokey apartment with Suzanne's two kids, Nick has sold his business and now has aspirations of starting his own magazine. But when they discover that they're expecting twins, the two decide it's time to get a bigger place. They go out country, fall in love with and buy a beautiful, big house with lots of space for all the kids. But they soon discover that all is not what it seems in their new neighbourhood and home.

What we thought

If we had an award for most apt film title, Are We Done Yet? would win, hands down. Every torturous minute of the film begs that very question. This uninspired excuse for comedy does not deserve to be seen on the big screen. Rather, it belongs in the underground pirate networks where you would feel less cheated by its half-a-star status.

The recycled material from which this film was made is not the worst of it. The acting is. Perhaps because the story line is so exaggerated that even the cast could not believe in the characters they had to play. Who, in all honesty, would buy a house just after falling through its roof?

And the actors seem just as bored as their unfortunate viewers. This kind of humour has been seen many, many times before, and the characters have all been played (Chuck in Ace Ventura, the Hawaiian wood-sniffers in 50 First Dates, the talking racoon in Doctor Dolittle, the 13-going-on-30 little girl, the boy in need of a real father figure etc).

Even the narrative is redundantly circular. The same thing happens again and again. Everything that could go wrong does go wrong, and then they live happily ever after. Fancy yourself a fortune-teller? You will if you watch this humdrum flick.

The most innovative part of Are we Done Yet? is the opening credits - and only because they're animated. Save your R30 and don't encourage insulting cop-out comedy.

- Natalie Sineke De Freitas
This humdrum sequel is the quintessential art-for-money's-sake motion picture.

avia welsh 2008/10/23 11:08 PM
are we done yet every thing
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