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Arthur and the Invisibles

2008-03-31 13:58
What it's about:

Luc Besson tries his hand at children's animated films with this tale of a young boy living with his poor grandmother, whose house is on the verge of being repossessed by the bank. His grandfather vanished some years ago, but is rumoured to have hidden treasure on the property. Arthur follows his grandfather's maps and finds a tiny hidden tribe of creatures living in the garden. These "Minimoys" might just help him find the treasure and save the house.

What we think of it:

Presumably, children have low standards, because that's the only way anyone could unreservedly enjoy this derivative pile of garbage. Mixing live action and animation is more and more common place in kids' films, but Arthur and the Invisibles recalls the awful old days where the lines were clearly drawn between the toons and the live actors, imbuing each second's viewing with the painful realisation that what you are watching is very fake, and very childish.

Unfortunately Arthur's plot is a generic mishmash of more popular films, from young Freddy Highmore (Arthur) reprising his Charlie role from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to a villain who looks and talks like Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies. Throw in some frenetic chase scenes and a few celebrity voice cameos and there you go – another soulless piece of garbage trying to lure your kids with movement and bright colours.

On the positive side, a few of the action sequences in the animated half of the film are pretty exciting, and the production design of Minimoy's city is amazing. The question is – do you want to spend the price of a cinema ticket for just seven thrilling minutes and some pretty design? If you're dropping the kids off at the movies though, there is probably something better, and if you're accompanying them, then anything is probably better than this.

*P.S. South African cinemas are screening the longer European version, which is supposed to be better than the heavily edited US release, according to director Luc Besson.

- Ivan Sadler
While seeking his missing grandfather's treasure, a young boy meets a secret tribe of miniature people living in his garden.

jackie 2008/01/22 6:38 PM
two thumbs up once again, S.A is very late with this movie, I watched it last year May 2007, It is a brilliant movie don't let those reviews fool you, go watch the movie and make your own mind up, anyway if the movie is such a flop why are they making a second one in 2011.
dustin 2008/01/26 1:38 PM
three thumbs down This movie is A really big load of bull. word-up to the reviewer, she got it spot on! the editing was bad and the storyline boring. When are we going to see more movies like THE INCREDIBLES and the first 2 SHREK'S!!! ...and don't forget RATATOUILLE :-)
Logan 2008/06/07 10:40 PM
Not too bad... This wasn't too bad. The evil villain has some of the best lines I've heard in an animated movie, and the general idea worked well.
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