August Rush

2008-03-11 08:10
Everyone loves a bit of a chick-flick. Everyone wants to suspend disbelief and escape the mundane world into a fantasy where problems are resolved and stirring orchestral music signals the grand finale. But despite August Rush's crudely clear intentions, you'll be more likely to get that magic feeling from a porn film focusing on three-way scenes than from this sickeningly sweet big-budget balls-up.

It stars the pumpkin-faced Kerry Russell as the good girl (a classical musician), the aubergine-slick Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the bad ass (a rock star, go figure) and the mashed-potato kid Freddie Highmore as the cute little kid. Robin Williams makes an appearance playing the bad guy, but somehow plays the same role as when he plays the good guy. (Talking carrot, in other words.) Actually this film is much more fun if you pretend all the characters are portraying different types of vegetables.

But enough about the good bits – here's the theory: Two hot-looking and talented musicians have a one night stand and breed a baby. The kid's secretly given up for adoption by her evil father, while she believes it is dead. Of course you're meant to discover this as a series of surprises, but if you don't guess the plot in the first five minutes, here's a tip: time to quit the day job and go attend Special School.

The clever kid then – through an increasingly miraculous series of unlikely coincidences (without about 40 of which the story might have been mildly believeable) – is discovered as a major musical talent, and a public event centred around his genius brings his estranged parents together in the final scene.

See what I did? I gave away the ending. I saved you sitting through the beginning, and the middle, and the end. Lucky you.

- Jean Barker
One long movie moment doused in hot syrupy sentiment starring all the most irritating people in Hollywood – who greenlighted this rubbish? *WARNING: Contains spoilers.

Thomas 2007/12/23 9:48 AM
Deprived After serious consideration and soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that Jean Barker had a very unhappy childhood, feels deprived and is desperately seeking love....
Max 2007/12/23 10:02 AM
You go, Jean Nice review, you really have to show these crap-makers what their products are really like. 100% support for your honesty.
Karen 2007/12/23 10:31 AM
A bit of a Barker? After reading Jean's review, I reckon that "Barker" is really her title, and not her surname. She's like a rabid dog. Jean should get herself a really good vibrator, and a stash of batteries. She is any psychologist fantasy dream.
Marijke 2007/12/23 12:21 PM
Honesty is the best policy! You go, girl, tell it like it is!
James 2007/12/23 7:37 PM
What a loon! If you prick us, do we not bleed? In Jean Barker's case, probably not - she has battery acid in her veins. As Karen rightfully pointed out, Jean needs a extra-strong vibrator. One that is running on car batteries...There is a lot of ice to crack.
Karl 2007/12/23 10:43 PM
Tell it like it is Jean I don't want to waste my money on watching Z-Grade films. If it isn't worth watching (usually because of poor acting) then I'm not interested. Film critics are paid to do exactly that, for people like you and me who haven't got time to review each film ourselves - they spare us having to fork out hard earned cash to watch hogwash! Thank you Jean!
Stacey 2008/01/03 3:07 PM
OUCH!!! Harsh real harsh! You could have said all that without taking each actor on so personnaly! You have serious issues!!!
Neille 2008/01/09 2:02 PM
A bit harsh I think this review is very harsh. Robin Williams was a bit of an idiot as usual, but the music was fabulous. I watch movies for escapism, not reality (that's what the news is for). It's definitely not on my list of good movies, but I enjoyed it all the same.
Elle 2008/01/10 2:27 PM
It's really not that bad I think this review does the film a great injustice. It's no way near as bad as this reviewer describes. Obviously she wasn't in the mood for a movie and looked at it with a very critical eye. The music is incredible and carries the movie throughout. Nevermind the meager storyline (or even the expected ending), it's the power of the music that is focussed on. If you love music, you'll love this film.
Fran 2008/01/28 11:07 AM
Emotional depth I saw this movie over the weekend and was deeply moved by it. Clearly the reviewer has no sense of or appreciation for music, giving it only 1 star. She just sits there on her throne criticising all day without contributing anything positive. People like her make me sick - she seems to have the emotional depth of a mall rat! In my mind the movie is a must see for every emotionally or musically enclined person.
lilly 2008/04/06 8:16 PM
to harsh to start with: the music in the movie as well as the acting of Freddie Highmore was brilliant. From the moment that he felt the music, i felt it. I admit that this movie is not academy award material but it leaves you with a feeling of hope and a whole new love for music. sometimes you just need a feel good movie to get your hopes up again and look at life differently
Mel 2008/07/02 2:00 PM
Great Movie I really enjoyed the movie. The music moves you, great acting from Freddie, and just an overall feel good movie.
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