Bad Neighbours

2016-05-06 07:55
What it's about:

A couple is suffering from arrested development, and are forced to live next to a fraternity house after the birth of their newborn baby.

What we thought:

I’m turning 30 in exactly a month. Thirty. That’s only 10 years from 40. I’m having a minor meltdown. By now I should have had a six pack, three cars, my own house and two kids. I don’t have any of that. In fact I’m not even remotely close to that.

With the dawn of 30 come certain changes that inevitably happen. Things you never thought you would ever say, do or want is looking so much more appealing these days.

Night clubs with noisy music shooting at you on the back of fast moving green laser pointer lights? Nah. I’d rather have brunch at the coffee shop close to the apartment and bask in a bit of sunlight while I wait for my next Americano.

Drunken feasts at 3am at the 24 hour Steers with enough fries to feed an army? Nah. I’d rather snack on last night’s lasagna I made myself with a recipe I got from Jamie Oliver’s Twitter.

If any of this sounds even remotely familiar to you, you’ll absolutely love Bad Neighbours. It’s all of this wrapped up in a dubie and smoked for your viewing pleasure.

By now everyone knows that Seth Rogen is a master of the adult comedy genre. Well, ladies and gents. Welcome Mr. Zac Effron, who looks like something a gay guy dreamed up in a laboratory, to the mix.

Together with Rose Byrne and Dave Franco the cast transforms this banal, college humour type of dirty comedy into something really awesome.

It could have easily been a disaster. But it’s not. It’s actually pretty fucking great and definitely worth the watch.

For 97 minutes you’ll forget that you’re getting older and you have bills to pay and real life stuff to do.

If you’re offended by titties, boners or below the belt humour then you should stay away. This movie wasn’t made for you.

But if you’re making that all important life change from college drunkard to real life adult then you’ll absolutely love this!

Bad Neighbours is titties, boners and below the belt jokes wrapped up in a dubie and smoked for your viewing pleasure.
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what the fudge 2014/07/18 14:23
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i need a fat shit.
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