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Battle of the Year: Dream Team (3D)

2014-01-03 14:07
Battle of the Year
What it's about:

Battle of the Year is an international dance crew tournament that attracts all the best teams from around the world, but the Americans haven’t won in fifteen years.

Los Angeles Hip Hop mogul Dante wants to put the country that started the sport back on top. He enlists his hard-luck friend, Blake, who was a championship basketball coach, to coach his team.

Armed with the theory that the right coach can make any team a group of champions, they assemble a dream team of all the best dancers across the country. With only three months until Battle of the Year, Blake has to use every tactic he knows to get twelve talented individuals to come together as a team if they're ever going to bring the Trophy back to America.

What critics thought:

Its dramatization of a U.S. dream team's journey to the international showcase is leaden with predictable character types and storytelling clichés, neither of which its well-executed but oddly infrequent dance sequences are able to overcome.
- Todd Gilchrist, The Wrap

Should satisfy the planet of b-boys and girls to whom it thoroughly preaches, while amusing anyone else who simply can't ignore the promise of an all-corn buffet.
- William Goss,

Battle of the Year would rather use crowd-shot cutaways to convince you of the dancers' prowess than focusing on the stage.
- Liam Maguren,

Introduce female choreographer. Explore misogyny for 15 seconds. Become uncomfortable with ideas. Disappear female choreographer.
- Dave White,

The world is watching.
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