Beauty Shop

2006-03-30 13:06

The movie starts off with Gina Norris (Queen Latifah) working as a stylist in a salon in Atlanta run by a bitchy celebrity stylist named Jorge (Kevin Bacon). After putting up with Jorge for far too long Gina decided to open a beauty shop of her own. She takes the shampoo girl, a few key clients and buys a rundown salon.

"Beauty Shop" is supposed to pick where "Barbershop 2" left off but it just doesn't live up to the previous movies and wastes the talents of its notable cast.

On the surface "Beauty Shop" may look like a typical comedy, but sooner rather than later the boredom kicks in, as the cliches pile up, and the script becomes more and more dire.

Latifah is a strong actress and does make the most of her role. The serious undertone of the movie is a story about a strong black woman fighting with all her might to overcome racial stereotypes.

With heavy-hitters such as Latifah, Kevin Bacon, Alicia Silverstone, Mena Suvari and Djimon Hounsou, one would expect this movie to be a winner. Sadly, all these actors seem to be shoved into stereotypical boxes - from Bacon playing a gay stylist (and a really bad one at that), to Silverstone playing a gal from deep in the south.

Is chatting about nonsense all that happens in beauty shops? This is yet another cliche that should be banished from comedies. The conversations between the characters are sometimes blunt and to the point and may raise a couple of eyebrows. With these strong-willed women, there's no beating around the proverbial bush.

But where it does fall short is giving the female characters very little to express with its monotone script, and sometimes simply rehashes situations played out in the "Barbershop" movies. "Beauty Shop" was supposed to be a movie based on getting rid of the stigmas attached to women, but the movie is filled with stereotypical characters.

Besides a few giggles and gasps you won't miss much by skipping it

- Lamese Abrahams

This spin-off of the "Barbershop" movies fails to rise to the occasion but still manages to provide a few laughs.

maleesha 2005/06/28 6:38 PM
beauty shop I think that it is a nice movie,but mostly for girls but you would enjoy it yes .
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