Because I Said So

2007-05-29 11:17
What it’s about:

Daphne (Dianne Keaton) is a domineering and chaotic matriarch whose primary objective is to find a lasting love match for her youngest daughter Milly (Mandy Moore). To 'help' Milly along, Daphne covertly places a personal ad where she advertises for a mate for her daughter and conducts a series of interviews in order to find what she deems to be a suitable candidate. Things become tricky when two interested parties emerge and Milly decides to try them both out - neither with the other's knowledge.

What We Thought

Because I Said So is the kind of movie that delivers exactly what it says on the bottle – a slightly slapstick romantic comedy about the tension between mothers and their unmarried daughters. The result is average rather than appalling - but the predictable and cliché riddled plot is far more irritating than amusing.

Daphne is a single mother who presides over a brood of girls who are all happily married, except for Milly, who works as a gourmet caterer and has inherited her love for food and unfortunate comic timing from her mother. Despite being a hot Nigella Lawson-style domestic goddess in the kitchen, Milly seems to be a magnet for disaster when it comes to her love life.

When you first meet her, it is hard to digest her single status – until we see her in action. The poor thing suffers from the dreaded “foot-in mouth” disease and has a grunting, nervous giggle that we hear over and over.

Deciding to take matters in hand, her mother begins to secretly interview men on her behalf, hoping to secure a candidate based on her own criteria. After wading through a predictable bunch of losers she handpicks Jason (Tom Everett Scott), a successful architect who is handsome but controlling. A musician, Johnny (Gabriel Macht), a bystander to her covert operation, wants to meet Milly too. Naturally, he's Jason's opposite, a free-spirited musician with tattoos, who according to Daphne, is completely wrong for Milly.

Motivated by love for her daughter and good intentions Daphne succeeds in ignoring Milly's unique personality and needs. And Milly, up to now a cutesy, innocent girl, meets both men and decides to try them both out… in bed.

This leaves some questions. Will Milly follow her heart or listen to her mother? Will she tune in to and trust her culinary sense, which tells her what smells and tastes right, or continue to be out of sync with her true self? Will she uncover her mother's scheming? Who is the best man for her, the puppy eyed musician or the architect who incarnates all her mom's expectations?

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out what will happen here. It all pans out predictably, which is to be expected from a romantic comedy. Unfortunately it lacks the necessary charm to keep us interested. The nucleus of mother-daughter conflict should be a rich mine for comedy but it is wasted because the main characters are so annoying. It’s difficult to work through their irritating exteriors and delve deeper into the difficult tensions often faced by a mothers and daughters, especially when it comes to them choosing a life partner.

The emotional scenes also lack subtlety and are laced with slapstick, which waters down the effect. The movie has its fair share of weak toilet humour which is more likely to cause migraines than chuckles. Don’t let the fact that it is called a ‘comedy’ fool you. The film is not a laugh a minute; one constantly hopes for comic relief but it’s not forthcoming.

Despite the film’s slapstick nature, Diane Keaton still impresses with her acting skills. It’s just too bad that her character makes you want to witness her extinction. Because I Said So is not the worst film on circuit, but you might want to think twice before you fork out to see this one.

- Christel Carstens
Because I Said So is everything a romantic comedy shouldn't be: clumsy, cliché ridden and completely exasperating. Even Diane Keaton can't save this turkey.

ANSAAF 2007/03/22 9:49 AM
a ok
Jane 2007/03/22 3:30 PM
Boring from trying too hard The best part in the movie is when Diane Keaton's character looses her voice! And who dressed her? Appaling stuff.
Megan 2007/03/28 3:42 PM
Manupulation 1-0-1 If I hadn't been sitting with a friend who's birthday outing it was, I would have stood up and walked out! Possibly THE most irritating movie I have seen yet! I have to agree with you Christel, I'm advising all I know to rather watch it when it shows on MNET!
Melanie 2007/04/07 1:10 PM
BORING STUFF!!!!!! This movie was extremely boring! I was watching with a friend and we saw a couple of people get up and leave!! We did the same, we heard that the movie carried on in the same way though. so we just saved an hour of our lives! Ja, i agree, wait for it to come on to MNET than having to pay for this pitiful comedy. :-(
Brenda 2007/04/17 7:24 PM
Because i said so Lekker i enjoyed the movie, i think everyone can watch it...
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