2008-02-05 09:26
What it's about:

In this epic feature based on the Old English poem, slayer, slasher and all-round hero Beowulf (Ray Winstone) and his soldiers visit a Danish town plagued by an evil monster, Grendel, to rescue the inhabitants and defeat the monster. But when Grendel is killed, his demon mother (Angelina Jolie) seeks her revenge on Beowulf and his men. Enraged, Beowulf confronts the demon to slay her but is seduced with the promise of fame and fortune if he gives her another son. Many years pass and Beowulf has become a mighty king. But one day the deal struck between the hero and demon is inadvertently broken and in order to save his kingdom, his people and himself, an older Beowulf has to defeat his dragon son.

What we thought of it:

An epic tale about flawed heroes and arrogant kings, Beowulf sets the benchmark for future motion-capture films. But while there are visually exciting scenes, there are moments where motion still seems forced and images lifeless.

This gruesome retelling of Beowulf probably would've been better off in live action with real flesh and blood being ripped and flung about. But director Robert Zemeckis has done well in shaping the film and rendering his imagination in ways not even the greatest of poets could. At times you can't help but get caught up in the story, especially during thrilling dragon slaying sequences and that naked battle between Beowulf and Grendel.

Zemeckis and co-producers have put together a great cast too. Ray Winstone's gallant yet flawed hero is as audacious as Gerard Butler's King Leonidas, while Angelina Jolie is probably the only actress who could make demonhood sexy (but that might be attributed to the nude human form given to her character in post-production).

You don't have to have read the poem to enjoy the story, as the film diverts quite a bit from the 3 000-line-long tale to appeal to today's audience. And although Beowulf was made to be viewed in 3-D, the 2D version is still pretty good.

- Megan Kakora
A grand and gruesome retelling of the Old English poem of the heroic Beowulf.

lana 2007/11/27 2:05 PM
shame i can't believe angie won't let her kids watch beowulf. Is she scared the kids see what a real monster she is?
Robyn 2007/11/28 10:24 PM
it was .............. The comparison to Leonidas is absurd. The visual effects of this movie are quite astounding but it seems lacking in script and true emotion. There are two things that one takes away from this movie i) do not sleep with Angelina , it only lands you in trouble. ii) Beowulf likes the sound of his own name.
Andre Jardim 2008/01/08 3:37 PM
Thoroughly enjoyable I watched Beowulf in 3D at the Odeon in Leicester Square in London. The animation was astounding, and there really are times when you have to remind yourself that you are watcing a CGI movie. Although the story does veer a little bit from the epic poem, it still is a wonderful moralistic tale about a flawed hero who's lust for fame, his pride, and inflated ego lead him into making wrong choices with very real consequences. Essentially Beowulf's underlying themes are about choice and consequences, and how, although it would be easy for us to judge those who have gone before us and the mistakes they made, how easy it is for us to do the selfsame when we find ourselves in their position. There are, however, a few presposterous scenes, most notably Angelina Jolie's demon-monster rising out of the cavern lake wearing stilletos - and this in the 3rd or 4th century AD. Mind you, watching everyone in the cinema with their 3D spectacles on, twisting in their seats to try and see if they could c
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