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Beverly Hills Chihuahua

2008-12-12 11:28
What it's about:

Chloe (voiced by Drew Barrymore) is a pampered Chihuahua owned by cosmetics mogul Aunt Viv (Jamie Lee Curtis). When Viv goes away on business, Chloe’s care is entrusted to Rachel (Piper Perabo), who manages to lose her on a short Mexican holiday. Chloe is kidnapped by a dog fighting ring, but escapes with the help of a moody Alsatian, Delgado (voiced by Andy Garcia). Together they have many incredible adventures.

What we thought of it:

In the age of gems like Kung Fu Panda (2008) and Wall-E (2008), it is hard to believe Disney would dare to release second-rate straight-to-TV dog crap like Beverley Hills Chihuahua, but incredibly enough people must think talking canines are funny enough to make it profitable. Obviously many actors share that sentiment, as a large group of talented individuals lent their voices to this product-placement-filled, dully scripted, laugh-free shell of a comedy.

The whole premise of a dog finding its way home is as old as the hills, but I’ve yet to come across an animal heroine as unlikable as Chloe – the canine equivalent of a stupid stuck-up rich kid who can’t wipe their own butt without a servant. The character is meant to be cute and ditzy, but she comes across as arrogant, ignorant and extremely annoying. I caught myself repeatedly wishing she’d be run over by a car or savaged by another dog, but this being Disney, not a single bad thing happens to anyone in the whole film – not even in the bits with dog fighting (a totally bloodless affair).

Every other character is a stereotype of some kind, from the thieving Mexican rat to the strong, silent Delgado, and every character knows their place in Disney’s grand scheme of things, where poor people are happy being poor and everyone will love you if you’re rich and act like a spoiled brat.

The action is paced fairly well, but the jokes are horribly stale – you will have heard these all a million times, only this time they’re dog-themed! The mixture of CGI and real animals looks cheap, but then clearly no effort went into this on any level, so it’s not really surprising.

This film is lazy, clichéd and sends children all the wrong moral messages. The only reason on earth to see it is if your favorite thing in the world is dogs that can talk and wear clothes, and then there are probably other films that do that better, too. I watched it in a cinema with a bunch of kids and there were very few laughs, so best leave this to the under five-year-olds.

I want 90 minutes of my life back.

- Ivan Sadler

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A pampered Chihuahua gets lost during a Mexican vacation and - with the help of a stray Alsatian with a shady past - has to find her way home.

Charles Willers 2008/10/06 6:56 AM
Beverly Hilss Chihuahua I do not want to post a review here, but I ask a question of Ivan Sandler: "Please expand on what you mean by ""all the wrong moral messages".
Ivan 2008/10/06 7:36 AM
re: Charles This movie tells kids that it is good to be vain, shallow, and stupid, and all that matters are expensive clothes. It also tells kids that poor people are all doing great and are totally happy being poor. It tells kids that if you have a lot of money, then everyone will love you, even if you're a dick. Should I go on?
L Onzo 2008/10/06 9:19 AM
Its Walt Disney Magic i have watched B.H.C. this weekend with my kids a 12yr & 8yr old & they loved it.Yes maybe the storyline is oldish but what Walt Disney touches turns to gold & proof is all there movies that r targeted at kids do well.did Ivan even stop to think about the wit this movie has to offer & i think it was brilliant coz since we own our own maltese poodle whom we luv to bits it was fun for my kids & give due where its due & i think this movie was witty & with the Mexican lingo (sumthin different) & i think Paapi(the landscaper) was the star of the show for me. Dont give up on love & your friends no matter what life throws at you...what about that angle of thinking Ivan& yes BLING is in BLING it on man..lighten up.
Thomas 2008/10/06 9:49 AM
BHC We went to see the movie, my kids are 12 and 10, they enjoyed it as a hero saves the day. Maybe Ivan you should not be going to this type of movie, it sounds as if you were forced to watch it. This movie showed that people do have hearts and want to help others. Yes there will always be the bad guys inthe movies. Maybe you should have watched the movie through childrens eyes and not looking for some kind of secret plot in a kids movie.
Deric 2008/10/06 9:51 AM
B.C.C I loved the review! I have not seen B.C.C yet, not do I plan to, but I enjoy reading remarks from people about bad movies. It's so passionate! Good thing no one asked me to write one about Mama Mia. Talk about crap...
cj 2008/10/06 10:37 AM
To Thomas we havent see this yet.... but maybe you can help. We went to watch it on friday but with 4 kids (5,6, 10 & 12) we give it a miss as its PG rated. So we went and watched space chimps instead. There were 15 people at the start... there was just me and the 2 big kids by the middle of the movie. Have u seen SC and if so do do you think it should be PG ? Is BHC's Pg rating valid. Dreamworks only wow animated movie is Shrek... Pixar seem to continually get it right.
Michele 2008/10/06 12:56 PM
BHC Ivan - come down off your pedestal. You have hang ups by the sound of things. No kids under 13 thinks of the crap you saying above. Kids see things as it is. I know happy poor people and miserable rich people, I also know people whose animals are their kids and pamper them. So what enjoy the movie it is after all a kiddie movie and ask them as they come out if your opinions is the same as theirs and the answer will be no it was cute they did not see what you see. Old eyes versus young eyes!!! I think get youngsters to review kid shows not old people
Charlene 2008/10/06 1:06 PM
BHC We went to see the movie on saturday - 4th. The two 11 year olds and even me and my husband enjoyed it GREATLY. Papi was a gem and these type of movies make life interesting and worth forgetting about normal life even if it's just for 90 min. WE LOVED IT. (Don't think Ivan like's being a "kid" for a few minutes)
Ivan 2008/10/06 3:42 PM
I have the eyes of a child To all those people telling me to lighten up - this movie was poor. Of course an undiscerning child won't mind it, but I loved Shrek, Kung fu panda, Incredibles, Surfs up, Toy story etc. This is just Disney making lazy repetitive rubbish because it can get away with it. I am paid to let people know what movies will be like, and compared to most other kid's films, this one was crap.
YTAH 2008/10/06 9:42 PM
The eyes have it... This sounds like exactly the kind of movie that would have turned me into a sword-wielding maniac. You people should be thanking Ivan for warning you about this film and trying to convince you not to watch it.
Ryan Matthews 2008/10/07 9:32 AM
I would not allow my children to watch this utter tripe Personally, I would not want my kids to grow up as brain-dead morons. If little Johnny or little Susie asked me to go see this dribble, I would have them put down.
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