Big Momma's House 2

2006-07-13 13:48


FBI agent Malcolm Turner is tough, smart and a master of disguise. There's nothing he can't handle. His latest assignment takes him to a small town, where he's determined to trap a brutal bank robber. Malcolm sets up a stakeout across from the home of a southern matriarch known as Big Momma, who's about to be visited by the con's former flame, Sherry, and her son.

It's a simple plan, but there's one Big Problem: Big Momma has unexpectedly left town. So Malcolm, taking on his most challenging "role" ever, decides to impersonate the cantankerous Southern granny. Using a few tricks of disguise, he completely transforms himself into Big Momma, even taking on the corpulent septuagenarian's everyday routine - from cooking soul food to delivering babies to "testifying" at the local church.

As if things weren't complicated enough, Malcolm finds himself falling for Sherry, who might be hiding some stolen cash. Now, Malcolm/Big Momma must somehow find a way to get his man - and woman.

What the critics are saying:

"...really just a ploy for some more flaccid fat-suit antics that are as short of inspiration as Big Momma is of breath."
- Neil Smith, BBC Movies

"There's something about a plus-size floral housedress that brings out the best in many male comics, and Lawrence is no exception."
- Susan Wloszczyna USA Today

"Mr. Lawrence is better when forced to react to his co-stars."
- Elvis Mitchell, New York Times

Big Momma's House is funny in some parts, but it is essentially a one-joke movie.

Franco 2006/02/15 5:59 PM
Big Momma's House2 Funny, but a bit on the personal side, and people arent perfect none
Andre Jardim 2006/05/09 2:53 PM
Yo Momma's a flop! I really enjoyed the first "Big Momma's House". Sadly, the sequel was like the sequel to Sister Act - you just had the feeling that the producers and actors were desperately trying to milk a theme for all it's worth. Unfortunately, the udder on this one had run dry. Martin Lawrence is renowned for his television sitcom and his signature " Wassup!". He has played some fairly good comedic roles in movies too, for example in "Bad Boyz". However, the humour in this sequel is old, forced, sometimes rather gross, and tired. Overall, this movie flops about as big as Momma's butt and breasts!
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