Blind Dating

2007-12-10 12:08
What it's about:

Although Danny (Chris Pine) has been blind since birth, he doesn't let it stop him from enjoying life. He leaves his cane at home, he's a top dog in basketball and is one of the most popular guys in town. But when it comes to girls, Danny is a little shy. And when his rowdy, girl-crazy brother learns that Danny's still a virgin, he sets him up with a string of disastrous blind dates with airheads who can't seem to get past his disability. Just when Danny is about to give up on love he meets Leeza (Anjali Jay), a gorgeous young Indian nurse.

What we thought of it:

Blind Dating has to be the worst romantic comedy ever made. The script is poorly written, unrealistic and down-right dumb. Imagine a blind guy roaming the streets without his cane. Well Danny-boy never misses a step. He knows where to find doorknobs to places he's never been before and he has no trouble shooting hoops. It's claimed that when you're blind your other senses are heightened, but this is overdoing it.

Throughout the blind dates we're confronted with over-the-top slapstick humour even ten-year-olds wouldn't find amusing.

Instead of exploring cultural differences and the difficulties encountered in inter-racial relationships, the movie reiterates the plots of all the clichéd romantic comedies. Boy meets girl, they fall in love but part ways because of misunderstandings, then they declare their love for each other again, and they live happily ever after. Blind Dating is sloppy, and will try your patience instead of making you laugh.

-Tiisetso Tlelima
Hollywood has dished out yet another dreadful chick flick, in the form of a corny movie about a blind man in search of true love who stumbles on a series of blind dates with uncouth girls.

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