2006-03-30 13:04


Tim was traumatised in his childhood when his father was sucked into a cupboard by some sort of entity, and never seen of again. Now, 15 years later, Tim has managed to live around this traumatic experience by refusing to have cupboards in his house and has a bed practically on the floor. When his mother dies Tim is forced to return to his home town. After the funeral he decides to conquer his fears once and for all by spending a night in his childhood home.


"Boogeyman" plays on the fear most children have - something lurking in the cupboard or under the bed just waiting to jump out and drag them in. But director Stephen T. Kay (Get Carter) fails to make the most of a good idea, and the movie falls short in the acting department as well as the storyline.

Tim Jensen, played by Barry Watson (7th Heaven), seems to have a good life - a decent job and a fulfilling relationship. But 15 years after his traumatic experience his childhood comes back to haunt him.

The movie gets off to a genuinely scary start when, in the opening scene, his father is swept under the cupboard door and vanishes into thin air. But you soon begin to feel that Tim is frightening himself rather than the audience. He quickly becomes a horror movie cliche. He walks down dark hallways that should clearly be sidestepped and sleeps in the very house where his traumatic experience took place. You're also left with an endless amount of questions when the credits roll.

The director tries his best to build tension with eerie music and creative camera angles, but sadly this cannot compensate for the weak script. It's hard to be really frightened when the "scary" parts of the film consist mostly of shots of Tim's permanently frightened face.

- By Lamese Abrahams

A cliched horror movie that fails to deliver any sort of thrill.

ratfink 2005/05/13 10:00 AM
Boogeyman A few scares - more like small frights - but nothing so exceptional that you'll never open a cupboard door again. A rather lame attempt indeed - should have been done by Carpenter.
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