2008-02-13 13:08
What it's about:

Since 1993, almost 400 women have been murdered in Juarez, Mexico, a factory town that is home to people who toil away at "maquiladoras" (border factories) making cheap consumer goods for the US market. Lauren Fredricks (Jennifer Lopez), an ambitious newspaper reporter, has been sent to Juarez by her editor (Martin Sheen) to investigate what has happened to these hundreds of women and how the local police and authorities have been covering up the brutal rapes and murders.

What the critics thought:

"Jennifer Lopez plays it tough and down and dirty, on the Mexican border."
Prairie Miller, NewsBlaze

"The biggest weakness of Bordertown is its heavy-handed over-simplification of complex political and economic issues. That and Jennifer Lopez's massive ego."
Brian Webster, Apollo Guide
A journalist is pulled into a murder mystery near the Mexican border.

liezelle 2008/01/10 12:29 PM
Borbertown as long as i can drop a tear
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