Bridge to Terabithia

2007-05-29 11:18
What it’s about:

Jesse (Josh Hutcherson) is a school outcast from a farming family. His 2 passions (running and drawing) are shared by new girl Leslie (AnnaSophia Robb) who moves in next door, and they become friends. They spend their time in an imaginary kingdom that they invent in the woods, called Terabithia, where they are king and queen, allowing Jesse to develop a new found confidence.

What we thought of it:

The marketing for Bridge to Terabithia keeps mentioning the producers of “Narnia” and the focus is on the special effects and fantastic creatures. This is rather misleading, as Terabithia is a very different animal to “Narnia” even though both are based on classic children’s books.

This is a character driven tale of 2 children who escape into their imagination and give each other the validation and support that they don’t get from their peers or parents. The story is one that most children can relate to, and the 2 actors playing the friends do a fantastic job, capturing the awkwardness and spirit of childhood. The supporting cast of both fellow pupils and their families are also excellent, and make the film a lot more believable than the usual fantasy fare.

The main emphasis of the film is the blossoming friendship between Jesse and Leslie, and how that feeds their fantasy world, and mirrors that in their real lives. There are some fantastic scenes with the 2 of them fleeing some monsters in Terabithia contrasted with their constant clashes between the various bullies at school. The 2 separate worlds end up being equally entertaining to watch, and it goes to show that you don’t need an explosion of special effects to create something captivating.

When light fantasy gives way to heavier emotional fare, it is still handled in a way that a young audience can understand, and the message of the film is left intact. Even though there is tragedy, it manages to end on a positive note.

Overall this is an entertaining and moving film, suitable for children, and would make good family viewing. It is not a special effects extravaganza like Narnia, or Harry Potter, and is rooted in the real world, with the odd touches of the fantastic here and there. People may be disappointed, as the marketing is quite misleading, but if you go with an open mind, and take your kids, you should have a good time.

- Ivan Sadler
Hey, this is pretty good, although it is misleading to say that this is an epic fantasy adventure.

300 fan 2007/04/08 8:51 AM
On what medication are you on? Why the "good" review" ? Did you had a date for the movie or are you afraid of more negative criticism after your dismally poor 300 review?
Bjorn 2007/04/08 11:26 AM
300 Rocks What are you thinking! Guys cmon, this movie sucks.Bridge to Terabithia is a joke, who ever takes this movie seriously has major issues. I will have to start boycotting this bad reviews, please guys!
Arno 2007/04/08 12:07 PM
Say What? This movie was VERY disappointing...Why did they not call it "Dying young.....again". The positive ending could not rescue any of the viewers from the depths of sadness and sobbing in the cinema. Prozac is recommended.
Candy 2007/04/08 12:37 PM
Confusing ? I thought this movie was great but it got very confusing as I didnt know it was real or their imagination at some parts. It could of been better!
Christine Lines 2007/04/08 9:41 PM
Bridge to Terabithia An entertaining and moving film!? Sorry, even my 10 yr old son would not agree at all. This film could not decide what it was meant to be - fantasy, drama, coming of age ..... so the producers just sprinkled in a bit of everything - and the end result was an extremely bad film full of awful cliches and a few brief moments of fantasy creatures which hardly allows them to call it a fantasy adventure.
Amy 2007/04/10 8:55 AM
Complete mislead Thought it was going to be similar to the style of Narnia - complete opposite. Not a bad movie but disappointed due to my high expectations...
Ivan 2007/04/13 11:25 AM
Ivan Ivan you seem to review the movies in a mirror world. How did u get the job?
Douglas 2007/04/21 11:10 AM
The Real Message in Imagination The movie was definitely about imagination, but I believe at a deeper level than most people would expect or perhaps even grasp. I found that the movie was about paradigms (how people see or imagine the world based on their own interpretations and priorities). Take Jesse's father, for example. A man that works every waking moment, yet can still barely pay the bills. However, he is so committed to the belief (through his own imagination) that a strong work ethic is the only valuable trait and imagination and creativity are not valuable traits, that he tries to discourage his son from using his imagination as he feels it conflicts with the "valuable" grunt work. Do you think Jesse's father would have taken him to the museum? Not in a 1M years. Jesse's music teacher saw the value in Jesse's creativity and imagination, and took him to the museum so he can learn how others have used their imaginations. Leslie's father (and mother), in contrast, embraces creativity and imagination an
andrea 2007/09/14 11:34 AM
crush!! i love watching bridge to terabithia b'coz i learned a lot of things about the tree trools and everything...i cant imagine how they act like a real story but i'm so thankful that i learned a lot of d way i'm the #1 fans of josh hutcherson and anna sophia robb...thank you...hope there's a part 2....i'll just wait.....
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